The Latest Buzz on Custom Swimming Pool Spa Designs

The Latest Buzz on Custom Swimming Pool Spa Designs

If you are looking for a great pool design, there are lots to choose from out there. You can take your pick from different pool forms and designs. But what if you want something different? What if you want a custom swimming pool spa design?

Custom pool designs have been big for the last few years, and there are reasons why they are popular. If you buy a custom-made swimming pool, you get a pool designed for your specific tastes and needs. Let us take a minute to tell you about custom pools and spas.

Why a Custom Pool?

You already know items designed for your taste fit into your life more easily than things not designed for you. For example, the whole reason lap pools exist is to accommodate homeowners who wanted an indoor pool. They wanted an indoor pool, so they could swim laps every day. Pool builders began to build long, narrow pools with jet resistance to accommodate lap swimmers. In addition, many people wanted pool spas. They wanted a pool with an attached spa at one end, so they could relax by the pool and watch their kids. Pool designs change all the time. But if you get a pool that you designed for yourself, you will love it forever.

Trends in Custom Pools

There are several trends in pool designs you may want to think about if you are considering a custom pool.

Tanning Shelf

One of the hottest trends now is to build a tanning shelf at one end of the pool. Tanning shelves allow people to sit in chaise lounges on the shelf as they tan in the water. Usually, the water is 1 foot or less. Young children also like the tanning shelf because it allows them to play with toys in the water. In addition, parents have a bird’s-eye view of what their kids are up to on the tanning shelf.

Dark Finishes

In the past, people chose white or blue for the interior of a pool. Now, however, many people want to try a darker interior. They use darker-colored tiles to make it look more like a swimming hole or underwater lagoon. These darker colors are providing several interesting color options. These options include a dark finish to match the house or the surrounding landscape.

Swim-Up Bars

One of the newest and hottest types of extras is a swim-up bar. First introduced in the 1970s, they were part of the tiki bar tradition. They were novelties or gimmicks. However, the latest trend is to include a swim-up bar next to a sunken outdoor kitchen. That way, friends and family can swim up for a snack or a drink without ever leaving the pool area.

Fire or Water Features

Many people want a unique feature at one end of the pool or in the middle of their pools. Fire pits or fire features can add a bit of the exotic to your pool area. You can design the fire pit to be long and narrow. It is an interesting way to light the pool area at night as well. Many people also love waterfalls in their custom swimming pool spa designs because they look stunning and are soothing.

Are you looking for a pool designer to fulfill your pool fantasies and build a custom made swimming pool perfect for your backyard? If the answer is yes, then contact No Limit Pools & Spas in the Phoenix, Arizona area. We are currently serving Chandler, Mesa, Gilbert, Grand Canyon, and beyond. Give us a call, and let us design a pool you will love, not just today but for years to come.


5 Reasons Why Granite is Perfect for an Outdoor Kitchen

5 Reason Why Granite is Perfect for an Outdoor Kitchen

A backyard barbecue seems like the perfect idea on a hot day; however, the silver rolling barbecue grill is quickly falling out of favor amongst homeowners. Can you say that you are proud to call yourself a great outdoor chef, well we have the perfect option for you? Do you have a backyard swimming pool, well then, that even makes the entire backyard poolscape even better?

So let us get started and talk about the construction of a new outdoor kitchen. With so many options available, you can give your new outdoor kitchen every amenity that your in-home kitchen has plus more from wood-burning pizza ovens to blazing coal rotisseries. However, there is one essential amenity, and that is choosing the right countertop. One of our favorites happens to be Granite, which we highly recommend. It is weather resistant, extremely durable, low maintenance, and an excellent investment adding more value to your home. Below we list 5 reasons why to choose Granite.

Natural and Weather Resistant Stone

Granite, the stone of the mountains is one of the natures most robust materials. Many types, especially the ones that sparkle and are rich in quartz crystals, are incredibly resistant to the rain, sun, and cold. Bacteria and fungal find it hard to grow in Granite as well.

Stylish and Looks Great Outdoors

We all would like our entire backyard poolscape to blend perfectly together, whether it be formal, tropical, or exotic. With so many styles of Granite, the kitchen you design can have the same natural beauty of your backyard along with the pool design, garden, and landscape. From the table countertop to the bar and cooking area, the natural stone is eco-friendly, giving off no emissions as some manufactured countertop products may do.

Easy To Maintain

Even for those living in states like Arizona, materials exposed to the elements can indeed tax any material. Granite, however, is one of the easiest materials to maintain for any outdoor area. However, Granite does need to be polished and sealed over a period of time, but this does not require a professional. Any homeowner with minimal experience just needs to take a few minutes with a soft cloth and a tub of granite polish and the Granite is like new.

Easy to Clean

So plan your party with lots of guests and when it is over the clean-up of Granite is easy, wipe it down with soap and water, glass cleaner without ammonia or a specific cleaning spray made just for Granite. Stains from spills don’t sink in immediately, however, do wipe down as soon as possible, some oils left over a long period can stain.

Boosts Homes Value

It is a known fact that most often newly updated outdoor living spaces significantly boost home values. According to a recent report by the national association of Realtors, more than 50% of home buyers agree to pay a premium for a home with an outdoor kitchen. By having Granite, it becomes more of a hit to potential buyers.

As with any home improvement, having an outdoor kitchen designed and built needs to have careful planning. By adding Granite the beauty and convenience the material brings can be not only an immediate reward but a long lasting one as well. The resale value will be boosted, bringing extended gratification your way.

Ready to Get Started?

Contact No Limit Pools & Spas. We are rated one of the best pool builder companies in the entire Phoenix AZ area. We serve Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler, Grand Canyon, and many other surrounding areas. We would love to consult with you regarding your entire backyard poolscape. Our expert team builds new custom pools, spas, provides water and fire features along with fantastic outdoor kitchens. Our team enjoys working with new people and bringing our clients dreams and imaginations to life.

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How to Stay in The Swim All Year Long

How to Stay in The Swim All Year Long

If you live in Arizona, you are lucky. You have the luxury of doing something not everyone in the United States can do. You can swim in your pool all year long. In fact, there are very few stretches of time in Arizona you can’t swim. With a few add-ons or upgrades, you can swim in that fabulous pool of yours 365 days a year. Not sure how that would work? We have some information for you about swimming in your pool year-round.

Think Saltwater Pools

If you want to swim all year-round, you might want to consider getting a saltwater pool. Saltwater pools do a slightly better job of retaining heat during cooler weather than chlorinated pools do. This is important because, while most days in Arizona get warm if not scorching hot, nights can be cool. There are other reasons saltwater pools might be a good idea. First, it costs far less to maintain a saltwater pool than it does a chlorinated one. That’s because a saltwater pool requires far fewer chemicals to keep it clean and sparkling. Saltwater pools have a little chlorine in them. However, you do the majority of the cleaning with salt. Salt is a natural cleaner. By building a saltwater pool, you are saving yourself heavy cleaning expenses. You might be able to keep your pool a bit warmer.

Heated Pools

Another way that you can swim all year is to heat your pool. There are several options that you can use. First, you might want to think about using solar energy to heat your pool. Depending on your pool size, you can use solar panels on your home, pool house, guesthouse or outdoor living space. This is a great option because Arizona has more sun-filled days than nearly any other state in the United States. However, when there are cloudy days, you need to know that your pool might not be as hot. You need to have a backup source of power to keep your pool heated during cloudy days. There are some great hybrid pool heaters that use solar energy when the sun is out. When the sun is not out, you can use a backup power system to heat the pool.

There are also pool heaters that operate as a heat pump to keep pools at an optimum temperature. Heat pumps in a pool work much like heat pumps in the house. When the filtration system is on, you are able to keep your pool at the temperature you want. However, when your filtration system is off, so is the heat pump. This is essential if you and your family are planning to go away on vacation for a couple of weeks. Who wants to heat a pool when you aren’t even in the area?

Solar Pool Covers and Safety

Another way to heat your pool is to get a pool cover for it. Many pool covers now have solar cells, which keep the pool heated. Covers not only keep the pool warm, but they also protect your pool from creatures that like flying into it. Pool covers can also keep children and pets out of the pool when you are not there to watch them.

Are you looking for ways to keep your pool warm? Are you ready to put a pool in the ground? You should contact No Limit Pools & Spas. Proudly serving the Phoenix, Arizona, areas, including Chandler, Mesa, Grand Canyon, Gilbert and beyond, you should call us today. Let us create a beautiful oasis in your backyard as soon as possible!


How Pools in Arizona Increase Property Values

How Pools in Arizona Increase Property Values

We don’t know if you have heard, but it gets kind of hot in Arizona. Of course, people joked for years about the heat in Arizona being a dry heat. That’s supposed to make it better. However, there is no denying it — hot is just plain hot, whether it is humid or not.

One way that you can beat the heat in Arizona is by building a pool. You may know that having a pool in your yard is one way that you can beat the heat. But did you know that having a pool in Arizona means that you are increasing the value of your house? It’s true, having a pool in your backyard can increase your resale value. How does a pool add value to your home? Let us give you some examples.

Are Pools A Good Investment?

Researchers have said that adding a pool to your house can increase the value of your home. Some people consider a pool to be a must-have when they are looking to buy a house. Other people do not want a pool for their backyards. They might not want to maintain a pool. They might also have very young children and are concerned about their safety.

The biggest factor that determines whether pools are a good investment is the location. We are not talking about the location as an advertisement, which is what businesses do. Instead, we are talking about the area where you live. If you put in a pool in a cold weather state, you do not get a return on your investment. That’s according to researchers. The reason is you can only use it three months out of the year. However, if you live in a state where you can swim longer, you get a return on your investment. This is especially true in states where you can swim for six months of the year or longer. With pool heaters, people living in Arizona can use their pools all year.

How Much Does A Pool Add to Home Value?

If you consider the factors already discussed, having a pool can add thousands to your home’s value. Experts say that a pool retains around 25 percent of the value you put into it year over year. Your pool’s value depends on your home’s value, and how much property you have. A pool could add between $5,000 and $25,000 to your home’s value. That’s not bad considering many people believe swimming pools are not necessary. Also, if most people in your neighborhood have a pool, the entire neighborhood usually has higher property values. Neighborhoods that do not have many pools do not have as high property values.

What Can I Do to Make Sure that My Pool Is A Good Investment?

There are several things you can do to make sure your pool is a great return on your investment. First, make sure that your pool looks great. If you notice missing tiles, cracks in your pool’s surface, or other defects, get them fixed as soon as possible. If your pool is older, consider calling a pool contractor to ask about a pool remodel. Make sure that the area around your pool looks just as good as the pool itself. Make sure your patio, decking, and landscaping add to your pool’s features, rather than take away from it.

If you are in the market for a pool contact No Limit Pools an Arizona Premier Pool Builder. Serving the Phoenix, AZ, areas, including Mesa, Grand Canyon, Chandler, Gilbert, and beyond, we are happy to help you.


The Best Way to Light Up Your Pool at Night

The Best Way to Light Up Your Pool at Night

While pool parties during the day are a lot of fun, there’s something about having a pool party at night. You can take advantage of the beautiful Arizona landscape, lit up by the light of the moon.

Other than that glorious summer moon, what are some ways you can light up your pool for nighttime pool parties? We have some ideas.

Lighting in the Pool

There are lots of ways you can choose to light up your pool for nighttime parties. You might want to consider floating pool lights. There are dozens of ideas for floating pool lights. Your floating pool lights can be as simple as a ball light. There are floating pool lights that look like sea creatures, such as jellyfish, and lily pads. You can also look for floating pool lights that incorporate a water feature and a fountain. All help to illuminate the pool and make nighttime swims safe for you and your family.

Inground Pool Lights

Lighting the water in the pool itself is a great idea. However, it doesn’t hurt to also light up the pool further with inground pool lights. We think Hayward Lighting offers some great lighting options for nighttime swimming. We use Hayward Lighting fixtures for our pools. We think they consistently prove to be the best in inground pool lighting products. There are several color options available. You might also want to think about LED pool lights. LED lights offer brilliant nighttime lighting that doesn’t use much energy. Think about the shape of your pool, and the available lighting in your yard. You want to make sure your inground pool lights light up all the sections of your pool effectively.

Lighting Around the Pool Deck

You want to make sure your pool lighting is sufficient for nighttime swimming. However, you also don’t want to neglect your pool deck. Pool decks can be slippery. You need to make sure you illuminate the deck to avoid any sudden slips, falls or scratches. There are all kinds of lighting options available to light your pool deck. There are lighting options to go around your deck with small footlights. You can also place spotlights in your yard or plant beds to help illuminate your deck. There are options you can choose for your house or your trees to light up the deck as well. Whether you like strings of lights, small footlights, or spotlights, there’s a lighting feature to make you happy.

Outdoor Pool Lighting Fixtures

Do you have a gazebo, pool house, guest house or deck around your pool? You need to think about lighting fixtures for those areas as well. That’s because people moving in and out of the pool need to be able to see. How else can they find food, drinks, and towels once they get out? There are many lighting features. Some people enjoy lighting their outdoor buildings with floodlights. You can achieve gazebo lighting with many kinds of lighting, including solar lights. Many people are nervous about having electricity around their pool and prefer to use lighting that doesn’t require electricity. There are so many lighting options to choose from! You might want to take some time to look at all the different types of lighting available. That way, you can make a great choice for your backyard.

If you are looking for a great pool to make your backyard a summer paradise, contact No Limit Pools today. We are currently serving the Phoenix, AZ, areas, including Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa, Grand Canyon, and beyond. Let us make your dreams of a pool paradise a reality.

How to Throw the Best Pool Party

How to Throw the Best Pool Party

It’s been a bit cooler here in Arizona this summer than it has been in previous summers. While the South has been baking in 100-degree heat, we have been sitting pretty under 90 degrees.

Just because it’s not 100 degrees doesn’t mean you can’t throw a hot pool party. You can kick off months of pool fun and relaxation. We have some great DIY pool party ideas for you to help make this summer memorable.

What Is A Great Pool Party Theme?

Many people think a great pool party starts with a great theme. There are many themes to choose from, or you could create one on your own. Your theme could be very specific to you and your family. For example, you want to throw a birthday party for your son, and he loves baseball. Choose a baseball theme. There are also party theme ideas that have stood the test of time. A luau theme is always a good choice, because who doesn’t want to go to Hawaii?

There are some trendy themes you might want to think about for your pool party. Mermaids and Aquaman are popular right now. In fact, they’re so popular there is already a lot of ready-made decorations for them.

Having a theme is great, especially if you’re planning a big party. However, you don’t have to have a theme for every get-together. Let’s face it, at a pool party, the pool can be all the theme you need!


Summer pool parties call for cute decorations. You might want to start looking on social media sites, such as Pinterest, for decorating ideas. We saw one backyard party on Pinterest that someone threw using polar bears, penguins, and iceberg decorations. She had a shaved ice machine for snowballs. What a great idea — a “cool” pool party on a hot day.

However, pool party ideas for decorations don’t have to be difficult. Since the pool is the main attraction, you can choose a few well-placed decorations to complement the pool’s beauty. For example, you could choose to decorate the tables where the food and drinks will be. Are you having a party for the Fourth of July to celebrate the United States’ birthday? You could use the red, white, and blue theme to your advantage. It’s easy to find red, white, and blue cups, napkins, silverware, and plates. You could also use stars and streamers to enhance your look. You could use an old washtub filled with red and blue drinks. You can also use a star-shaped dessert tray — and you are well on your way to pool party glory.

What to Do at a Pool Party?

In our opinion, this is one of the best parts of owning a pool. You really don’t have to come up with stuff for people to do at a backyard party. That’s because all your guests are going to be doing the same thing — swimming, lounging, and playing in the pool. Who could blame them? If you want more party ideas for activities, have some fun stuff lying around for people to pick up. We have seen a bucket of water guns and bubble wands make your party entertaining for kids and adults. Some people like to have Frisbees and soccer balls around to use as well.

No matter what you decide to do for your pool party, we’re sure it will be successful. When the pool is the star of the party, it can’t help but be a success.

Ready to Host a Pool Party?

Are you thinking about beginning a new pool party tradition by getting a pool this summer? Contact No Limit Pools & Spas today. We are full of pool ideas guaranteed to give you years of fabulous pool gatherings. Serving the Phoenix, Arizona, areas, including Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa, Grand Canyon, and beyond, we are ready to be your No. 1 choice.


Custom Swimming Pool Designers

Custom Swimming Pool Designers

In the past, everyone got the same kind of swimming pool. They were all rectangular, painted or tiled on the sides, and they all went to the same depth. Gradually, the notion of the backyard and the swimming pool has changed.

No one wants the same kind of swimming pool as his or her neighbor. In fact, people want to find a swimming pool that fits their individual lifestyles and personalities. How do swimming pool designers take the design you have and make it into something you are thrilled to own? Keep reading for information on how swimming pool designers work.

Pool Plans

Any good swimming pool designer starts with a pool plan. This means the pool designer meets with the client. The designer may take measurements of the backyard. He or she may look at the kind of soil and stone the client has in his or her yard. Most importantly, the designer will ask the client what he or she wants. The designer will look at the surrounding landscape. He or she will also talk to the client about his or her needs. For example, is the pool going to be the focal point of the landscape in the backyard? Is the client looking for a sophisticated design, such as an infinity pool? Or, is the pool going to be for the family to enjoy?

The Special Landscape of Arizona

Arizona’s landscape is special and unique. It has features that no other state has, which makes it a fabulous palette for Arizona pool design ideas. The state has plateaus, rainbow-colored stones, mountains, valleys, old volcanoes, and beautiful rivers. These natural elements mean designers should build a custom pool in Arizona with the backdrop in mind. It’s easy for a pool designer to create a customized look with the amazing features the state has to offer.

These days, there’s more to designing a swimming pool than the pool itself. Many clients want an entire atmosphere created in their backyards, not just a pool. For that reason, many pool designers either have a background in landscape design or landscape architecture. Pool designers have found if they begin with the pool, they can continue the theme of the pool to the overall landscape. Pool designers can work the entire backyard, so they can transform it into exactly what the clients want.

For example, a client may have small children. He or she may want to ensure the pool has a shallow area for his or her children to play. The client might also want a hot tub in the pool area. That way, he or she can relax and watch his or her children at the same time. The client may also request a kid-friendly design with the use of nonpoisonous plants in the landscape. By talking to the client, the pool designer can determine how to best meet his or her needs.

When You’re Ready to Design

If you are looking for pool designs in Phoenix, AZ, contact No Limit Pools. We have built a reputation as being one of the best custom swimming pool designers in Arizona. We are serving the Phoenix, AZ, areas of Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert, Grand Canyon, and beyond. We are ready to listen to what you are looking for in your pool design. Designing unique looks for our clients that are second to none is our passion. We specialize in creating customized pools for all our clients.

Are you looking to add a pool as a new feature to your yard? Perhaps you are worried your backyard is too small?  Maybe you have purchased a new home, and you need to completely redo the backyard? Whatever situation you find yourself in, we will be able to help. Give us a call today and let us help you create the backyard oasis of your dreams.

No Limit Pools, Custom Swimming Pool Designers of Arizona



Hottest 2019 Swimming Pool Trends

Hottest 2019 Swimming Pool Trends

The trends in swimming pools for 2019 are largely influenced by pool owners’ concerns for the environment, beauty, and safety. They want their pool to blend in with the landscaping and the house itself instead of standing out the way pools inevitably did in the past.

For many owners, the ideal pool looks almost organic, even though it was carefully planned and installed. Working with a skilled and experienced pool contractor is the best way you can have these qualities in your private pool. Following are some pool design ideas for 2019:

Pool Design Ideas 2019

Plunge Pools and One-Depth Pools

One of the design ideas for 2019 is plunge pools. These are smaller pools that are used not so much for swimming but to simply relax in. Due to their smaller size, the temperature can be easier to control than larger pools. Some homeowners turn them into spas or hot tubs in the winter.  Jets can be installed for a targeted massage or a whirlpool effect can be created giving a gentler full body massage. Resistance jets can be installed for swimming in place and used for physical fitness.

Because these pools are so small — usually less than 20 by 13 feet — homeowners feel free to splurge on expensive materials to build and decorate them. Many also have entertainment areas filled with seating on three sides to let people converse and interact with ease.

Plunge pools are not only smaller, but the trend is for them to be one depth from one end to the other. You no longer need to worry about your child wandering into a pool’s deep end, and water sports are more enjoyable since everyone is literally on a level playing field. It’s easier and safer to do laps in a pool that’s the same depth throughout, too.

Sophisticated Pool Edges and Decks

Transforming the pool edge into another design element is another of the pool trends for 2019. One popular type of edge is floating coping. These are edges that look like they are floating above the water with no visible means of support. Some homeowners embellish this sophisticated look with LED uplights under the edge, which look sensational at night. Another of the new pool designs are wet edges, where the water is level with the coping. The water is supposed to sheet over the pool edge, but grates in the deck allow it to be recirculated.

Pool owners are considering other materials for the deck around the pool besides paver stones for 2019. These include wood planks, stepping stones, and ceramic tiles. Some owners are letting the lawn come all the way up to the pool’s coping: the chlorine in the water shouldn’t bother the grass.

Simple Water Features

If pool owners are going for water features at all in 2019, they are uncomplicated and soothing as opposed to opulent, flashy and loud. Simple water spouts at the edge of the pool are enough for many pool owners in 2019. The graceful arcs of water are pleasing to look at and relaxing to listen to.

Furniture in the Water

In shallow pools or pools with very shallow ends, benches and lounges can actually be placed in the water. Of course, they need to be made of materials that are both comfortable to recline on and waterproof. With these additions, you and your guests can enjoy the coolness of the water while being able to lie back, soak in the sun and relax.

Glass Fences

One very attractive design trend for 2019 are fences made of glass panels. These panels can be clear or frosted and even etched with nautical or maritime scenes. Another returning trend is simple fences made of metal.

Remote Control Pools

The ability to control pools remotely, including over the internet, began some years ago and is still a hot pool trend for 2019. Now, you can control the pool’s lights, pumps and filtration system, heater, water spouts and other features from miles away. You can even change the ambiance of the pool through adding apps to your smartphone or pad that have different settings for pool temperature, lighting and other features depending on whether it is a romantic evening for two or a pool party for family and friends. Your pool can be cleaned and serviced while you’re on vacation or keep the heating unit at a constant temperature during the cold weather.

Green Pools

People are becoming more and more aware of the environment when they decide to build a pool, especially if it doesn’t add greatly to the cost of installing the pool in the first place. Pools can use rainwater, and the used pool water can be shunted into the home’s plumbing pipes. Dark colored stone or coping at the cooler end of the pool traps heat there, while lighter colored materials at the warmer end reflect the heat away.


Other pool owners are considering keeping their pool clean with substances somewhat less harsh than chlorine. This may mean turning to salt water pools. Even though salt water pools do use chlorine, they do not use as much as regular pools. Saltwater is also gentler on a swimmer’s skin and eyes than water that’s full of chlorine. However, a drawback with salt water is that the salt is not gentle on just about everything that services the pool, including its pumps and filters.


Some pool owners are considering using moss to filter contaminants out of their pools. The type of moss used is sphagnum moss, which is used in the garden. As of 2019, moss for pool filtration is used alongside more traditional systems. Still, it cuts down on the amounts of chlorine and other chemicals that are needed to keep the pool clean. Another benefit is the water that is lost through moss filtration is less than it is through more traditional forms of cleaning the pool. This is because moss-filtered water doesn’t get as filthy with bacteria and algae.


Ozone for decontaminating is another of the pool trends for 2019. Ozone, which is made of three oxygen atoms, works much more quickly than chlorine when it comes to getting rid of pathogens. Another bonus is that its only waste product is oxygen. However, as of 2019 ozone’s utility is limited because of its short life span and because it’s a gas.

Even More Green Pools

Another of the new pool designs are pools in colors of deep, lush greens or blues. The colors are not just used on the pool’s walls and floor, but they can also be programmed into LED lights. Greens and blues are considered very relaxing and make the swimmer feel like they’re swimming in their own lagoon.

Jump Into The Hottest Of 2019 Swimming Pool Trends

Are you ready to jump into one of the hottest 2019 swimming pool trends and join the many homeowners who are opting in to have these new ideas created for their backyard poolscapes? Let No Limit Pools in Mesa Arizona help you. We are the pool builder of choice in the entire Phoenix, AZ area. We serve Mesa, Grand Canyon, Chandler, Gilbert and beyond. Feel free to browse our website to view all of the different and unique pools we have built. Take a look at our reviews to see what our customers have said about us. Contact us to learn more and provide you with amazing pool design ideas.



Pool and Landscape Packages in AZ

Pool and Landscape Packages in AZ

When you look at your backyard, what do you see? Do you see an oasis from the daily grind that just makes you happy when you look at it? Or, do you see an overgrown nightmare where no pool would dare to enter?

A quick look at your backyard may lead you to the conclusion that you need a pool. You also could use some serious landscaping. Not sure what you need? We have some insight into pools and landscape services.

Design with Your Backyard in Mind

AZ pools and landscapes need to have your backyard in mind. The first step in the process is to have a pool designer come out to your house. Luckily, many pool and landscaping designs go hand in hand. Companies often have pool designers with experience in landscape design. Many companies may also have someone on their staff who specializes in landscape design.

First Steps

The first step a Phoenix pool and landscaping designer will take is to evaluate your yard. He or she will need to come to your home and determine where you can build a pool. The company can also figure out what kind of landscaping will be best for your yard. The designer will also ask you about your wishes and ideas. Not all customers are the same, and neither are their needs. For example, one homeowner may have a vision of an entire oasis in his or her backyard with an infinity pool. The pool may overlook the mountains or a dry riverbed that fills when it rains. Someone else may want a backyard that is family-friendly. He or she may want to make sure the pool has a small area just for kids to play in.

Pool builders in AZ will also ask you about the type of pool you want. Each constructed pool has materials and designs that are different. You and your pool builder will need to decide what kind of pool would be best.

Custom Packages

Pool and landscape AZ designers are able to design a customized package for you and your needs. In fact, many pool companies, such as No Limit Pools, specialize in custom packages. The company can come in and begin the process of designing your backyard oasis. Do you want to entertain in your backyard year-round? Do you want to be able to swim in your pool year-round? How environmentally conscious are you and will it affect your pool plans? Do you want native Arizona foliage for your backyard, or something else? Do you have a great view you want to emphasize? All these questions allow your pool and landscape designer to make the best possible choices for you. The questions also help companies design and plan your landscape.

Once the pool and landscape designer hears what you want and need, he or she will develop a plan. He or she can create a model or design of what your backyard will look like. He or she can add color and detail so the whole plan takes shape before your eyes. It will be easy for you to see your plan before the company ever begins digging.

If you have an interest in landscaping or design, why you should contact No Limit Pools. We can come out to your house, listen to what you need, and design your perfect getaway spot. No Limit Pools serves the Phoenix, Arizona, areas of Chandler, Gilbert, Grand Canyon, Mesa, and beyond. If you are looking for a customized pool and landscaping package, give us a call or simply fill out our online form to get in touch today. Let us help you create your perfect backyard.

Complete Custom Crafted New Pool Construction | Phoenix

Complete Custom Crafted New Pool Construction | Phoenix

Custom pools add value to a property and provide a relaxing oasis for you and your family to enjoy. The pool can also give you an additional place to entertain friends and family. If you want a wholly customized pool, finding a great contractor to get the job done is necessary.

No Limit Pools can guide you through the process so you can get the pool of your dreams. Here are a few tips to ensure that your pool is everything you need and want, as well as a few things to avoid.

Shop Around For a Contractor

If you are looking for custom pool build contractors, for complete custom crafted new pool construction, and you live in the Phoenix area including Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert, Gold Canyon and beyond, shop for a pool like you are buying for a car. You will find that No Limit Pools will be your top choice because of our experienced and professional contractors. There are several building standards and materials used for pools, so you should be aware of these differences before the pool construction starts. Just as not all vehicles are built the same, not all pools are constructed in the same way either. Several of the elements of pool construction that are not obvious to the naked eye will affect the maintenance costs of the pool. Ask your contractor about the materials used to build your pool and how you can keep all pool materials looking and functioning at their best.

Do not Shop Over the Phone

When you see custom swimming pool designs you like online or even visit the home of a friend or family member to see a pool in person, you may get pool design ideas. However, it is best to see the work of the pool contractors in person instead of calling the company and asking for building details over the phone. The team at No Limit Pools allows you to see pool designs and parts in person. You can also look at some before and after photos from No Limit Pools and read customer reviews to get an accurate idea of how your custom pool will look.

Ask About Safety

A custom pool has to be just as safe as it is beautiful; this is especially true if you have children, pets, or older family members living with you. If you want to have a waterfall installed in the pool, use stone structures that are slip-proof and made from safe materials. Ask your contractor about adding slip-proof steps and specialized railing to the pool; these features make it easier for children and the elderly to get in and out of the pool. You can also about adding an artificial shore to the pool so that everyone can safely walk into the shallow end of the pool. Additional features, like permanent seating, structures that reduce the glare of the sun and material around the pool that does not absorb too much heat are also beneficial. Your contractor can provide insight into which elements would work best for the size and shape of your pool.

Ask About Special Features

If you want, extra features in the pool area, like a gazebo or fire bowl, ask your contractor where these items should be constructed in your yard. Discuss the size and safety features of these amenities with the contractor and take a look at materials and photos that can spark your design inspiration.

No Limit Pools contractor services provide everything you need for a one-of-a-kind crafted new pool construction pool you and your family will love. We offer expert pool builder servicing Mesa, Gold Canyon, Gilbert, Chandler and the surrounding areas of Phoenix Arizona. To learn more about how you can build or renovate your pool, contact us today.

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