Outdoor Kitchens That Impress!

Outdoor Kitchens That Impress!

If you entertain outdoors often, having a kitchen constructed in your yard could be a great idea. An outdoor kitchen can increase your property value. It will give you more time to spend with friends instead of running back and forth to the indoor kitchen.

The kitchen is also an appealing feature when you have a pool or hot tub in your backyard. You can easily provide food and beverages for your guests in between enjoying time in the water. The pool and kitchen areas can be coordinated to exhibit the same color schemes and materials. If you’re interested in looking at poolside outdoor kitchens, our professional design team at No Limit Pools can help.

Practical Design Features

Coming up with backyard ideas with pool and outdoor kitchen is often a matter of practicality. The No Limit Pools team can help you choose the features that will be best for your kitchen space. You’ll get to select the stove and oven size that matches your cooking needs; there are electric and gas options available. Refrigerators are also an integral part of outdoor kitchens. The space in your yard may not allow a refrigerator that is the same size as the one indoors. However, there are several models you can select from that will hold a considerable amount of food and beverages.

Counter space in the kitchen is also important. Especially if you want to do all or most of your food prep outdoors while you’re socializing with family and friends. The counters can be both attractive and functional. For design inspiration, you can take a look at the colors that decorate the borders of your pool. The colors of the seating and the waterfall or fountain can also inspire the color and style of the counters.

If you spend lots of time outdoors you may want to add a grill to the outdoor kitchen space. Whether you want a large, elaborate grill or a small grill, No Limit Pools is here to help.

When you’re building a kitchen, there are electrical and plumbing issues that have to be taken care of. No Limit Pools can inform you of the necessities and explain the installation process. This will help you determine which outdoor kitchen features are best for your yard and your budget.

Outdoor Kitchens & Aesthetics

Most of your outdoor kitchen will look the way you want in terms of material and color. However, there are additional aesthetics you can add to make the space unique. If you’re having a bar constructed around the kitchen, marble or granite makes the area especially elegant. Tables and chairs can be built into the ground to make the backyard look like an expensive resort. Adding fountains, waterfalls, and benches also make the space more inviting and can improve the overall look of your yard.

Contact No Limit Pools Today

No Limit Pools has everything you need to achieve the outdoor kitchen of your dreams. We have a wide variety of outdoor kitchen and pool ideas to choose from. You can find the kitchen design you want. You will also get beautiful and modern suggestions for constructing or remodeling your pool. Contact No Limit Pools for all your pool construction needs. We are known for building outdoor kitchens that impress in the Phoenix AZ area including Chandler, Mesa, Gilbert, and Grand Canyon.



Want Complete Satisfaction? Best Phoenix Pool Builder

Want Complete Satisfaction? Best Phoenix Pool Builder

Deciding to have a pool built in your yard is a major decision, both aesthetically and financially. It takes careful planning, a budget, and familiarity with your property to ensure the process goes smoothly. Once the project is complete, you want to be completely happy with the finished product. That’s why No Limit Pools is committed to assisting you through each step of this process. Here are some important things to look for in a pool builder.

Evaluating Your Property

Building a pool requires more than simply digging a hole in your yard and placing a pool structure inside. At No Limit Pools, we understand that your yard and property have to be carefully evaluated. This allows our builders to come up with a specific plan for the shape and size of your yard. Knowing more about the building options that are available for your property will also help you narrow down your choices for a pool that is both safe and attractive. A property evaluation will also let you know how deep builders have to dig to create your pool. You’ll learn about construction based on your grass or soil and how close you want the pool to your home.

Creating an Outdoor Living Space

No Limit Pools is a family-owned business. So, we understand how much of a priority it is to spend time with the ones you love. We help to make the pool area an outdoor living space, so you can entertain friends and family. We listen to your requests regarding adding more space for seating or adding custom décor to your pool. Features like an outdoor fireplace or a pavilion can be added to the pool to make the area more inviting. We can also connect a hot tub or wading/kiddie pool the main pool, or close to the pool. We want to make sure that all your loved ones are safe and comfortable in this outdoor space.

Considering Your Budget

Building a pool is a major home project. We know budget planning will likely be part of the process for you. Our prices are competitive, and we strive to offer you the best services and products. We have finance options that allow you to get the pool of your dreams at the price that works for you. If you already have a pool in your yard but want to make changes, we have several pool remodeling options. The cost of pool installation or remodeling varies depending on materials and labor. However, that shouldn’t stop you from having a safe and beautiful pool you can enjoy for years to come.

Contact the Best Phoenix Pool Builder

No Limit Pools has built a reputation as being one of the Best Phoenix Pool Builders. We welcome you to read our long list of reviews. Feel free to contact No Limit Pools for additional information on the pool building process. We’ll provide the specifications for your property and desired pool style. We will work to ensure that you’re completely satisfied with the results. We design and build beautiful pools in the Phoenix, AZ area as well as Chandler, Mesa, and Grand Canyon.


Custom Pools Showcased by Breathtaking Landscaping

Custom Pools Showcased by Breathtaking Landscaping

A pool can be one of the most exciting features on your property. Your kids will likely love spending time swimming and playing water games. If you like to have spring and summer parties, friends and loved ones will likely gather around the pool naturally. This is why swimming pool landscaping ideas are important.

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