Swimming Pool Water Feature Designs

Swimming Pool Water Feature Designs

At No Limit Pools & Spas, we take pride in building beautiful custom water features that are perfect for you, your pool, and your backyard.

Adding water features around swimming pool areas adds beauty and excitement to all custom pool designs. When you decide what water features you want for your pool, feel free to use your personal preference and imagination.

Here are seven of the most popular swimming pool water features:

  • gushers
  • scuppers
  • sheer descents
  • weeping walls
  • waterfalls
  • pencil jets
  • grottos


Gushers are bubbling water features that can be placed in tanning ledges and beach entries were the water depth does not exceed 6″. Any number of bubblers may be used in your pool, but rarely are there ever more than three in any given pool. As with any water feature you add to your pool, you want to add them in odd numbers.


Scuppers are water spouts that flow into your swimming pool. Scuppers create a visual enhancement and a soothing backdrop of sound for your pool. Scuppers come in various designs and are available for installation almost anywhere along your swimming pool area.

Sheer Descents

Sheer descent waterfalls produce arcs of water from a raised wall onto your swimming pool. Sheer descent waterfall flows can be adjusted and can create a multitude of effects. These waterfalls range from approximately one to eight feet of water. When deciding which sheer descent waterfall would be best for your swimming pool area, please remember that the longer the fall of the water, the louder the sound.

Weeping Walls

Weeping walls are one of the most popular waterfall features. Weeping walls are where the water comes in between the rocks and into the pool. Weeping walls are made by forming a wall around part of your pool and add a babbling brook sound to your backyard.

Natural and Custom Rock Waterfalls

Swimming pool waterfall features are at the top of every “must-have” pool features list. Natural rock waterfalls are the most common in backyard pool designs. The sound of water cascading down a natural rock waterfall feature will transform any swimming pool into a backyard oasis. If you prefer the effect of water dropping from one rock to the next, this will be louder than water flowing over multiple rocks like a babbling brook. Customizing your pool with a waterfall will add a unique look and feel to your swimming pool. Call No Limit Pools & Spas for more pool waterfall ideas!

Pencil Jets

Pencil jets have thin, powerful water flow which shoots streams of water from your pool deck into your pool. It’s a dramatic effect and looks excellent with geometric swimming pools.


Swimming pool grottos are one of the premiere water features to add to a swimming pool. Every grotto is made using natural stone. A natural rock grotto usually has a large stone bench underneath it. The size of the grotto can range from approximately 3 to 5 tons.

Contact No Limit Pools & Spas today for your custom Swimming Pool Water Feature Designs!

No Limit Pools & Spas are highly rated and known around the area as the best pool builders. Serving Phoenix, AZ along with the communities of Mesa, Chandler, GilbertGold Canyon. and beyond. You can rest assured you will be the envy of your neighbors with the best swimming pool as well as the best water feature designs around.

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Proper Pool Maintenance in Hot Arizona

Proper Pool Maintenance in Hot Arizona

In Arizona, a backyard pool can be an oasis. However, that oasis may be difficult to maintain.

From pool equipment to water purity, pool maintenance can costly and time-consuming. Caring for your swimming pool can take anywhere from 20 to 30 minutes a week to properly keep your pool in working order.

Here is an essential checklist to properly maintain a pool.

Keep The Pool Full

Maintaining a pool in Arizona can be challenging. Water evaporates quickly, especially in a hot climate like the desert in Arizona. Sophisticated pool systems usually have an automatic supply if the water level drops too low. If your pool system does not have that feature, you’ll need to fill it manually. Water levels should be checked at least once a week. Otherwise, if the water level gets too low, the pump could become damaged.

Clean Filter

No matter what kind of filter you have – a sand filter, a D.E. filter, or a cartridge filter – you should know how and when to backwash and clean it. A diatomaceous earth filter needs to be taken apart and cleaned two times a year, and parts of the salt-water system need to be cleaned with acid.

Use Pool Sanitizer

Also, Chlorine dissipates quickly on hot summer days. And the more the pool gets used, the more sanitizer it requires. And, the pH levels should be between about 7.2 and 7.8 for the chlorine to work effectively. Alkalinity should be tested and balanced, as well. Achieving the right balance of sanitizer, pH, and alkalinity ensures swimmer safety and an algae-free pool.

One of the most common questions concerning pool maintenance is, “How long should I run my pool pump in Arizona?”

Well, first of all, be sure to run the pool pump long enough. During the summer months, most pool pumps have to run a minimum of eight hours a day to keep an average-size pool clean.

Another common question is, “When is the best time to run a pool pump in Arizona?”

It’s a good idea to run the pump during non-peak hours to save money. To get maximum water clarity, be sure you know the size of your pump and how much water it’s cycling every 24 hours.

Know What You’re Buying

If your new home has a swimming pool, be sure to find out if the pool equipment is in working order. Also, ask if the pool needs to be resurfaced. Both of those expenses can run into the thousands of dollars.

If there’s a concern, ask a pool expert (not just a home inspector) to inspect the pool before you put in an offer.

Do you need answers to more questions regarding proper pool maintenance? Would you like to have a new pool built or need an existing renovated and remodeled? If the answer is yes, contact No Limit Pools & Spas today. We are rated as one of the TOP pool builders in the Phoenix Arizona area.

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No Limit Pools & Spas are pool builders serving Phoenix, AZ,  the areas of Mesa, Chandler, GilbertGold Canyon. and beyond.


Benefits of Salt Chlorination Systems

Benefits of Salt Chlorination Systems

If you’re sitting in your home and planning your new pool, you have a lot of decisions to make. While you’re thinking about pools and tiles, or sizes and depths, we have something else to add. You need to decide which type of pool you want — chlorine or saltwater?

There are lots of benefits to a chlorine system. Not sure whether saltwater pools are right for you? Here are some details that might help you decide in their favor.

A Saltwater Pool System

You may think that a saltwater pool will smell and taste like the ocean. While some of you might be excited about an ocean visit, other people think oceans smell like fish.

A saltwater pool isn’t as salty as the ocean. Saltwater pools have about one-tenth of the salinity of the ocean. Also, saltwater pools have chlorine in them. However, there isn’t as much chlorine as you would find a chlorine pool. The salt chlorine generator in a saltwater pool uses a process, electrolysis, to create chlorine. This naturally occurring chlorine allows your pool to be more environmentally friendly.

Saltwater Pool Chemistry: How Do Salt Chlorination Systems Work?

Each saltwater pool has a saltwater chlorination generator that turns the salt into chlorine. There are three kinds of salt chlorination systems. The amount of salt you need in your system depends on how much your generator needs. It also depends on how large your pool is. The purest form of salt for your generator is mined salt. Your system may need less mined salt, which may save you money in the long run. Seawater is the main component of mechanically evaporated salt. The system uses heat to get rid of the water. However, this salt might damage your pool. Solar salt is dried seawater, but the impurities make the salt generator work harder.

Whatever salt you use, the solar generator charges the salt with electricity. It breaks down the salt into sodium and chloride, which are its two components. The chloride changes to chlorine, and the sodium stays in the water. Both help to clean the pool. One of the benefits of a saltwater pool is that you use far less chlorine to keep your water clean.

Health Benefits of Saltwater Pools

Saltwater pools have several benefits. First, because they don’t need high levels of chlorine, saltwater pools are easier on your eyes and skin. While chlorine dries your eyes and skin out, saltwater softens your skin. Also, saltwater pools allow you to handle far fewer chemicals to keep your pool clean. This is better for you and your family. Research suggests heavily chlorinated pools can pose long-term risks to your health over time. Saltwater pools use softer water than chlorine pools. Also, because of the qualities of saltwater, many people find the pools therapeutic and relaxing.

If you’re thinking about getting a saltwater pool, there are several things to remember. First, because of the generator, the pools are more expensive upfront. However, they will save you money in the long run. Second, saltwater generators need people trained in saltwater pool care. Not everyone who operates a pool company knows how to fix a saltwater pool. Finally, make sure your pool contractor is knowledgeable. Your contractor should be able to identify the types of heaters, lights, and masonry that’ll work with a saltwater pool.

If you’re looking for an experienced saltwater pool builder, contact No Limit Pools & Spas. We are Arizona pool builders. We are proud to be serving the Phoenix, AZ, area. We aren’t limited in our service area, however. We also service the communities of Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert, and Gold Canyon.


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Swimming Pool Designs and Plans

Swimming Pool Designs and Plans

You may be sitting in your kitchen right now and, drinking a cup of coffee. You have decided to get an inground pool. However, you are just not sure which one of many inground pool designs you should choose.

There are many swimming pool designs you can choose from to make your backyard an amazing outdoor space.

No Limit Pools & Spas can help you create an amazing swimming pool design you will enjoy. If you are not sure what you want, here are some suggestions for swimming pool ideas for your backyard.

Popular Pool Shapes

You can select from many popular pool shapes. Swimming pool designs and plans can be limitless when choosing the right pool builder. Here are some of the most commonly asked for swimming pool design plans.


Rectangle pools are the most popular style available. Many people like rectangular pools because they are easier to keep clean. They are also easier to install than other forms of concrete pools. People who want to swim laps also choose rectangular pools. If you want an automatic pool cover, a rectangular pool shape means that pool covers will be easier to find.


Circular pools are a great swimming pool design for small yards. They allow you to put in a beautiful pool design that is aesthetically pleasing as well. Round pools in a small backyard actually make the yard look bigger.

If you are thinking about a round pool, you may want to consider some other ideas. These would look amazing with circular or round pools. You may want to do two round pool areas instead of one. We could do a spa to relax you, and, then, we could do a plunge pool to cool you off. Plunge pools have become increasingly popular, and they are nearly always a round shape. If you want to cool off, plunge pools allow you to jump right in. If your yard is a bit longer, you may want to think about an oval shape. Oval pools can give you more room to sunbathe or sit by the edge of the pool.

Figure-Eight Pools

Figure-eight pools are very retro. Picture a cute little 1950’s motel with women laying out in bikinis and sunglasses. Hotel pools back in the day were usually figured eight pools or kidney-shaped pools. With figure-eight pools, there is a dividing line between the shallow end and the deep end. Figure-eight pools are amazing when paired with a mid-century modern house. You get a complete back-in-time vibe for your space.

Free-form Pools

Free-form pools are another popular choice. Free-form means there is no set design. Instead, a designer follows the contours of your yard. Many people choose free-form pools as part of a natural-looking retreat or a mountain cabin. We could create a cascading waterfall at one end of your free-form pool with spectacular results. One of the best parts about free-form pools is that they can be as big or as small as you want. We have made pools for some of the biggest estates in the area, as well as the smallest backyards.

No matter what kind of pool you want to have in your backyard, we can do it. We specialize in innovative designs and unique structures. If you want revolutionary pool design, contact No Limit Pools. We are Arizona pool builders who are proud to be serving the Phoenix area of Arizona.

We serve the communities of Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert, and Gold Canyon. We do not limit our coverage, however. let us help you make your dream pool. We can create a look for you that is truly one of a kind. Our entire team has built a reputation for creating amazing swimming pool designs and plans. Get in touch today. Do not wait, see what we can do for you.


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Chandler Pool Builder, Why Choose No Limit Pools & Spas?

Chandler Pool Builder, Why Choose No Limit Pools & Spas?

Life in Arizona can be hot. The Chandler area has more than 230 days each year where temperatures are over the 80-degree mark. There are also 107 days in Chandler when temperatures are over 100 degrees. This means that there are plenty of days you could use a dip in the pool.

There is no question Arizona residents need pools. On those 80- to 100-degree days, cooling off in a pool is amazing. However, not everyone can build a pool, and you will need a company that understands pool building in Chandler. No Limit Pools

Are you looking for a Chandler pool builder or perhaps in the surrounding areas? Maybe you are wondering where you can find swimming pool builders. Here are some reasons why we think you should choose No Limit Pools & Spas.

Why No Limit Pools and Spas Is So Amazing

We Have Been in the Business A While

No Limit Pools has been in business in the Chandler, Ariz., area for years. We have team members with decades of experience in the pool industry. This means we have honed our craft and expertise to make amazing suggestions for your pool. You may also want our years of experience when you are ready to remodel. We can update your outdoor space and add lots of outdoor features to make your pool area truly remarkable. We know your pool is an investment in your lifestyle. Therefore, we want to help you create the image you have dreamed of.

We Think Craftsmanship Is Important

At No Limit Pools & Spas, our craftsmanship and attention to detail set us apart from the rest. We work with materials that exceed industry standards. That’s because we believe that using the best materials will make your pool last much longer and look beautiful. Whether you want a simple pool that is budget-friendly or a lavish outdoor oasis, we can build it. We want to build it exactly the way you want it. When we start the construction of your pool, we understand that your time is important. No one has time to waste on a company that does not know what it is doing. You also do not want to deal with a company that forgets to tell you about any changes to the plan. You want your job completed on time and on budget. We can do that.

Attention to Detail and Receptive Listening

Are you looking for pool companies in the Chandler area? Then, one of the things you need to look for with pool builders in AZ is attention to detail. You should also pay attention to the company’s ability to listen. If you look at our customer reviews, one of the main compliments we receive is on our attention to detail. We listen to what you want. Then, we make suggestions based on your needs and the needs of your family. For example, you decide you want a fire pit close to your new pool. We will design a fire feature that meets your specifications.

Flawless Design Skills

If you’re looking for a company that can take your designs to the next level, contact No Limit Pools & Spas. We provide designs and representations in our sketches that are one of a kind. We want to create an entire living space for the outdoors so you can be the envy of your neighborhood. We want to make you a space that is unique and breathtaking.

If you are looking for a Chandler pool builder and want an innovative and creative design, contact us. No Limit Pools is proud to be serving Chandler, Arizona, which is in Maricopa County.

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Need Pool Financing, We Can Help You!

Need Pool Financing, We Can Help You!

It’s hot in Arizona this time of year. Have you been dreaming of a magnificent new swimming pool? While you may be thinking about a new pool, your budget might have second thoughts.

Have you ever thought about financing a pool? There are several sources of funding you can use. If you’re not sure how to finance your pool dreams, here are some suggestions on how to get a personal loan for a pool.

How Do You Pay for a New Pool?

Finance Your Pool Through A Bank

Since you own your home, you may be able to finance a home improvement loan through a bank. You will have to fill out some lengthy paperwork, but, in the end, you may get your loan. Remember that bank loans are usually unsecured, which means it may take a little while to get your money. The bank will have to run a credit check on you. Every bank finances its customers differently. There is no one standard form. You should be able to get a repayment schedule between one year and 12 years. With some loans, the interest rates may rise over time.

Credit Unions Also Offer Loans

If you’re a member of a credit union, you may want to get your pool loan from it. Unlike a bank, a credit union is a not-for-profit organization that serves its customers. Usually, you’ll be able to get a lower interest rate and a lower fee. Also, a credit union is willing to finance your pool if your credit is imperfect. If you aren’t a member of a credit union, you may be able to join one. This is especially true if you are a member of a group — nurses, teachers, or veterans. Credit unions also have more flexible payment plans.

Credit Cards

You may want to think about paying for your pool with a credit card if you have one with a high limit. You could use your card to pay for pool equipment and construction. You need to know if you swipe your card, your interest rates will be higher than a bank loan. You may also have to pay the merchant service fee the contractor would have to pay. Make sure you’re ready to make your credit card payments on time. You should also read all the rates and conditions on your card. Who knows? With this purchase, you may have enough airline miles to go to Hawaii.

Find a Company that Specializes in Pool Financing

We have partnered with a pool financing company, Paramount Capital, to help our customers finance their pools. The terms and conditions vary, so you’ll need to contact Paramount Capital to get the details. We have a link to the company on our website. Other companies specialize in pool financing as well. Like a bank or a credit union, you’ll have to fill out paperwork and go through a credit check.

A Home Equity Loan

You may want to consider a home equity loan or a home equity line of credit to build your pool. This loan uses the amount of money you have in equity in your home as collateral. Many banks, credit unions, and financial institutions have home equity loans. The more equity you have, the more likely one of these financial institutions will lend you money. Home equity loans typically have a lower interest rate. The best part is you can get a tax benefit from a home equity loan you can’t from other loans.

Are you looking for a way to finance and get your pool built? We can help! Contact No Limit Pools & Spas. We are Arizona pool builders who are proud to be serving Phoenix, AZ, and its environs. The areas include but aren’t limited to Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert, and Gold Canyon.


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6 Swimming Pool Design Ideas That Are Sure to Impress

6 Swimming Pool Design Ideas That Are Sure to Impress

If you have been dreaming of the perfect swimming pool to take you into the fall, you’re not alone. There are more than 10 million pools in the United States, and people are building thousands more every year.

Now is the perfect time to start. Here are some great inground swimming pool design ideas for your new pool.

Traditional Pool Designs

You may want to do a traditional swimming pool. There’s nothing wrong with that, however, there are so many unique and creative ways that you can update the traditional look.

Garden Pool

Want a rectangular pool design? You may want to surround the pool with lots of plants and foliage on one side. Natural pool styles are very popular right now. Some pool designers choose to do a garden surrounding the entire pool. This makes the pool look like an intimate garden oasis. You might also try different types of stones around the pool to complete your garden look. An example of the stones you could use is garden paving stones.

Greek-Style Swimming Pool

The Greeks know what they are doing when it comes to swimming and luxurious pools. Greek-style swimming pools combine the blue of the water with the blinding white of the exterior design. Some Greek-style pools incorporate other aspects of Greek design, such as Greek keys, or a gazebo with Greek columns. We’ve even seen different shades of blue used in the tile design to represent the colors of the Aegean Sea. The effect is magnificent.

Luxury Traditional Pools

If you want to stay with a traditional design, you have several options. You may want to think about luxury pools with waterfalls. Pool designers have done some amazing waterfall designs. For example, contractors have designed waterfalls using local, natural stone. Other pool designs feature a tanning shelf with a waterfall that drops into the pool.

Another great design feature for a traditional pool is a fire pit. Some designers place fire pits at one end of the pool for a magical effect. The fire pit usually includes a seating area in the pool itself. Designers have also placed the fire pit close to the pool by a tanning shelf. Fire pits are a great way to make a traditional pool a little less traditional.

Modern Pool Designs

Modern pool designs can be anything you want. Free-form pools are all the fashion now. Contractors can build any size or shape pool you want, which is great if you have an irregular backyard. We have also seen a lot of circle and square pool designs, which makes them an interesting feature. You can also add a feature in the middle of the pool, such as a table or a bar. We’ve also seen bars at one end of the pool, which makes it easy to swim up for refreshments. One of the latest pool designs to incorporate art along the sides. For example, some people use metal modern art sculptures to add interest just outside the pool. You might also want to incorporate art into a modern swimming pool design. New pool designs have featured modern-art themed designs.

If you are looking for some inspiration for a pool design, contact No Limit Pools & Spas. Serving the Phoenix, Arizona, areas, including Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert, Gold Canyon, and beyond, we’d love to meet you. We take pride in helping new customers come up with great pool ideas for their special spaces.

Whether you are a traditionalist, or you love modern designs, we can inspire you and work with you in developing creative and unique swimming pool design ideas. Give us a call today and let us show you how we can make your backyard a magnificent oasis.

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Complete Guide to Choosing the Best Inground Pools

Complete Guide to Choosing the Best Inground Pools

With summer gone, this is the perfect time for you to score and have a beautiful pool built. With the cooler night breezes soon to be arriving let us help you in making the final decision.

The first thing to consider is, what kind of pool is best for you and your family? Here are the three major types of pools. Hopefully, the list will help you decide what is the best type of inground swimming pool for you.

Types of Swimming Pools

There are three inground pool types. While fiberglass and vinyl are inground pool options, we prefer to concentrate on other types. We believe they are longer-lasting and more durable. Before you decide on a pool, you need to understand what types of pools there are and the best inground pools. That way, you’ll be able to make an informed decision.


There are many reasons why concrete is your best option. More people choose a concrete pool than any other type. Concrete pools take a bit of time to make. However, once you have installed it, the pool can last a lifetime. These pools are durable because of their construction. First, the contractor will dig a hole. Then, he or she will build a steel-reinforced structure on the pool walls. The contractor will, then, spray the pool walls with concrete. The concrete has to cure before workers can plaster it smooth and paint it or add additional décor. It takes between one and three months to install a concrete pool.

Concrete pools can fit whatever size or shape you want. Contractors can construct concrete pools into plunge pools, lap pools, and Olympic-sized pools. Whether you have a huge yard or a small yard, you can fit a concrete pool into it. Concrete pools also allow you to have specialty pool items that other pools can’t. If you have small children, you can have a sun shelf or a tanning shelf at one end. Your little guys can splash in shallow water, and you can get a little sun while staying cool. Concrete pools are also the only type of pool that contractors can remodel or refinish. You can update a concrete pool whenever you want.

Infinity Pools

Infinity pools are concrete pools that have a disappearing edge. In reality, they are optical illusions. The edge of your pool is still there, but your eye thinks it isn’t. We love doing infinity pools because we can blend them in with the magnificent sky or the desert landscape. Who wouldn’t want an infinity pool that takes advantage of those red cliffs we love? We have crafted infinity pools of every shape and size. The important element of an infinity pool is its edge. Some people prefer a natural edge, while others would rather have a modern edge. Either way, our infinity pools are amazing and truly considered the best inground pools.

Saltwater Pools

Many of our customers choose to have their pools use salt water rather than chlorine. There are many reasons why we love saltwater pools. First, saltwater pools are kinder to the environment. They use fewer harmful chemicals than chlorine pools. Second, saltwater pools are kinder to your body. Sometimes chlorine pools can harm people’s skin, eyes or lungs. Saltwater helps to reduce inflammation — and we can all use less of that. Third, saltwater pools have fewer issues with algae than chlorine pools. That means you get to spend more time in the water. Saltwater pools are lovely to look at, and even lovelier to swim in. Saltwater pools can come in many shapes and sizes.

If you’re ready to build your masterpiece, contact No Limit Pools & Spas. We’re proud to be serving the Phoenix, Arizona, areas, including Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert, Gold Canyon, and beyond. Take a look at our gallery. You will see photos of some of the best inground pools around.

In-Depth Comparison of Inground Pool Finishes

In-Depth Comparison of Inground Pool Finishes

Now that the summer is winding down, you may be thinking of renovating your pool for the fall. You might also be thinking about winter projects to be ready for spring and a revitalized pool season.

If you’re thinking about a project, you may want to look at your pool finish. Over time, that once-sparkling pool finish will become colorless and lusterless. You may be asking, “What are the different types of pool finishes?” Here is a guide on the types of inground pool surfaces. This will be helpful to look at before you begin your project.

Polished Aggregate Pool Finish

A polished aggregate finish is a plaster finish with pebbles embedded in it. The grounded and sanded pebbles come crushed in the plaster or concrete. The polished river pebbles give the pool a natural look. They also give it a bit of a shine.

Some aggregate finishes use concrete instead of plaster, which lasts longer. Pure plaster finishes are smooth. However, a polished aggregate finish is rough. Many people compare the finish to a rocky creek bottom. If you want a natural look, this may be the way to go. However, if you don’t like the feel of pebbles on your feet, this isn’t the finish for you. Pebble pool finishes come in exposed aggregate, which is more durable. Polished aggregate uses concrete. Aggregate finishes can give you a natural touch with a budget-friendly eye.

Glass Bead Pool Finish

Glass tile or glass bead pool finishes don’t come cheap. However, they’re one of the best choices you can make for the life of your pool. If you’re lucky, you will never have to replace the glass. It is heat and UV resistant. Glass beads or glass tiles also come in a wide variety of colors that won’t fade. If you choose Mediterranean blue and have it installed today, it will still be Mediterranean blue in 10 years. Even though tile or beads are glass, they are very strong. However, if they break, you will have to replace them. Glass beads or glass tiles are also perfect for finishing pools with curved edges, such as oval or free-form pools. A glass bead pool finish is certain to last beautifully and colorfully for years.

Quartz Pool Finish

If you want the best material for finishing your pool on the market today, you should consider a quartz finish. Quartz tiles are a blend of crushed quartz, a pigment to color the quartz, and white cement. Usually, pool designers have tinted the tiles with blue or teal pigment. Therefore, it shows off your pool and the water. However, a designer can make the quartz tiles whatever color you want.

You can have the quartz pool finish made to match any pool color or décor that you want. If you’re looking for the durability of quartz vs. pebble pool finish, quartz is going to win hands down. Also, quartz crystals shimmer when the sun is out. People say the quartz finish does a great job refracting the light from the summer sun as well.

Whether you choose a glass, pebble or quartz finish, you need to look at the differences of these inground pool finishes. If you look at quartz vs pebble pool finish, the differences are striking. A pebble finish will give you a natural feel, but it will be rough on your feet. Some people don’t like that. If you choose a quartz finish, the pool will be smoother. However, it won’t look as natural as a pebble finish. Quartz lasts longer than pebbles.

If you are in the market for a pool finish for your inground pool, contact No Limit Pools & Spas. We are proud of the inground pool finishes that we have done for our long list of happy customers. Take a look at our reviews. We serve the Phoenix, AZ, areas, including Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert, Gold Canyon, and beyond.

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