Mesa Custom Pool and Spa Builders, Dive In Now!

Mesa Custom Pool and Spa Builders, Dive In Now!

Are You Ready To Take a Dive? Mesa Custom Pool and Spa Builders

According to research, there are at least 10.4 million homes in the US that boast their own swimming pools.

If you’re living in Mesa and want to be a part of the surge in residential swimming pool ownership, you may be looking for the best custom swimming pool builder in Mesa, Arizona.

Making a big investment in your property is exciting, and at No Limit Pools and Spas, we understand that you want the job done right.

The best swimming pool designers in Mesa are here for you. If you’d like to know more about our work, read on.

Transform Your Outdoor Space

Our goal as a company is simple: give you the dreamland oasis you want for your backyard. That’s why we offer a custom design service that allows you to pick out the exact features you want in your new outdoor water space.

Giving personal attention to every client is a key part of our ethos.

That’s because we understand how important every project is to the homeowner who chooses to work with us. From the moment you contact us to the moment you’re fully satisfied with your outdoor retreat, our main goal is to make you feel confident and excited about the future of your home.

We Offer Various Services

The projects we work on range from brand-new pool builds to extensive remodeling projects. There are countless benefits to owning a pool, so if you want one installed, don’t delay: whatever you’ve got, we can work with it.

Perhaps you moved into a home with a pool, but want to make the space your own.

If this is the case, we can help. Using the pre-existing features, we can change your garden into the luxury relaxation space that you really want – and we’ll do it at the most reasonable price possible.

Maybe your home has no pool, but you’re looking to get one and enjoy the weather.

We specialize in designing swimming pools and installing beautiful custom water spaces just for you to enjoy. We want you to have somewhere to go when the sun comes out, so if your dream is to lounge by a beautiful pool in your yard, we can help.

You can schedule a consultation with us if you’re interested in looking at some of our custom-designed pools. Talking directly to us at No Limits will help you see how we’ve made ourselves known as the best pool designers and builders in Phoenix. Custom swimming pools are our specialty; don’t settle for anyone else!

Work With the Best Custom Swimming Pool Builder in Mesa, Arizona!

Swimming pool design is an art. When it comes to Arizona swimming pools, we know all that there is to know. If you’re looking to invest in that long-awaited garden pool, be sure to come to us and we’ll make it happen.

Contact us today, and soon you’ll have the best custom swimming pool builder in Mesa, Arizona working to make your dreams come true.

Working with us will elevate your garden to a whole new level. Why wait any longer? By the time summer arrives, you’ll be relaxing by your own poolside.


What is a Smart Pool? Is It Right For Me?

What is a Smart Pool? Is It Right For Me?

What is a Smart Pool? Is It Right For Me?

About 22 million homes in America have more than one smart device. This isn’t surprising, as smart home technology can help you control your energy usage. It can also lower your home insurance premiums. Both wins when it comes to saving money.

Home technology was first introduced in the 1970s. Since then, the technology continues to advance along with its use. It has even extended beyond the four walls of the home with smart pool technology.

Considering upgrading your pool or building one? It’s the perfect opportunity to invest in a smart pool. But what is a smart pool? Read on to find out more about this.

What Is a Smart Pool?

Pool maintenance is one of the main reasons some homeowners hesitate to install a pool. But with pool technology, this no longer has to be an issue.

There are various types of pools and designs you can choose from when having a pool installed. Any one of these can be a smart pool. That’s because it refers to the technology used to maintain any type of pool.

Smart pool technology allows you to manage your pool using a centralized system. It gives you the ability to remotely control the functions of your pool from one or multiple devices via an app.

Types of Smart Pool Technology

The beauty of smart pool technology is that it allows you to automate almost any feature of your pool. Here are a few you’ll be able to manage remotely:

Heating and Lighting

If you usually forget to turn off the lighting in and around your pool, smart home technology can help. You can set a timer to ensure that it turns on and off when you want.

The same goes for heating. You no longer need to waste time waiting for your pool to get to a comfortable temperature. Adjust your pool’s settings on the way home. You’ll be able to dive into a heated pool for an evening dip as you arrive.

Salt Chlorinators

Getting the chlorine levels right. This has to be one of the most time-consuming parts of pool maintenance. This no longer has to be an issue when you use pool technology.

Smart salt chlorinators monitor and test the chlorine levels in your pool. This means your pool will always have the correct pH balance.


Another pool maintenance headache? Keeping it clean. Simply install an automated self-cleaner to eliminate the manual work involved.

Pool Pumps

You can even automate this key component of every pool. You no longer have to worry about the energy usage required to run your pump.

A smart pump uses 85% less energy. You can run it all day long.

Making Pool Technology a Part of Your Smart Home Design

When making home improvements, don’t overlook your pool. It provides the perfect opportunity to install a smart pool.

What is a smart pool? Now you know it means no longer having a tedious pool maintenance schedule.

Installing the right smart tool technology eliminates most of the work. But you’ll need to find a pool builder who has experience with pool technology.

No Limit Pools & Spas does. We will not only build you a beautiful pool. We’ll ensure it’s easy to maintain and that you save on energy costs. Contact us to schedule a consultation today!

We build pools throughout Maricopa County including Phoenix, Scottsdale and Mesa but certainly not limited to these areas. Feel free to view our gallery to see some of our work, also take a look here to see how we rate among our Arizona pool builder competitors.


2022 Top Rated Pool Builder Swims To The Top Again

2022 Top Rated Pool Builder Swims To The Top Again

2022 Top Rated Pool Builder Swims To The Top Again

Arizona was one of three states where the demand for residential pool permits increased by as much as 30% in 2020. The demand for hot tubs was even higher. It marked a historic period of growth for the industry.

A development undoubtedly precipitated by lifestyle changes due to the pandemic. Almost two years later, the trend is continuing.

Residents are embracing quality time with family and friends. They’re enjoying spending it in the comfort of their backyard.

You might be ready to get your feet wet as well if you haven’t already. Installing a pool can be a significant investment, so you want to get it right the first time. What better way to ensure you do than by hiring a 2022 top-rated pool builder?

Read on to learn how to find the best pool builder in Arizona.


Pool Builders – What to Know

How can you guarantee you hire a top-rated Arizona pool contractor? Here are some things you should consider:



A top-rated pool company will have vast experience. They will be able to advise you based on the size and layout of your backyard as well as your specific needs.

They’ll offer more than just a pool building service. They will be able to create a backyard oasis for you. They’ll provide you with custom design landscaping services and so much more.


A Custom Design Process

Once you’ve decided to invest in a pool, you want it to stand out. A company with a “one size fits all” approach won’t do. Top-rated companies work with their customers in mind.

They’ll provide you with pool services that meet your specific needs. Each of their designs is unique and ensures the final product is exactly what you want.


Great Reviews and References

One way to gauge the capability of a company is to look at the work they’ve already done. Their portfolio of work should speak for itself.

Client testimonials will also confirm their top-rated status. These should give you an insight into how they communicate with their customers. Reviews will also reflect how they treat their clients.


Stellar Customer Service

Individualized attention and dedication. Both aimed at providing you with a stunning final product within your budget. It’s two traits some of the top-rated pool builders possess.

They aim to give you what you want by keeping overheads low. Some even offer pool financing.


Finding a 2022 Top-Rated Pool Builder

Many sites that rate pool companies in Arizona rank them according to their:

The great news is that you don’t have to look far to find the best Arizona pool builder. There’s a company that swims to the top above the rest of their competition. They meet all the criteria above and more.

No Limit Pools knows what it means to provide value to their customers. They don’t only have years of experience to support this they also have BBB accreditation and an A+ rating.

Their 4.3 Google star rating ranks them higher than all of their competition. In addition, they top them with their 4.5 Yelp star rating too.

They also do more than just pool installation and landscaping. They offer customized patio covers, hardscapes, outdoor kitchens, and more.

They specialize in custom design pool builds. They work within your budget and also offer pool financing.


The Right Pool Builder for a Lifetime of Enjoyment

A pool is an investment you want to enjoy for a long time. You need to hire a pool builder who will get it right the first time. They should also have the expertise to transform your backyard into a private paradise.

No Limit Pools can do this for you. We have the ratings that prove we are a 2022 top-rated pool builder. Contact us to schedule a consultation today!

There is no limit as to what No Limit Pools can design and build. The service areas include all of Maricopa County and beyond.


2022 Top Rated Pool Builder Swims To The Top Again After Easily Floating To The Top in 2021

If you do not see your town listed below, no worries, get in touch to see what we can create and build for you.

Phoenix, Scottsdale, Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert, Glendale, Tempe, Sun City, Cave Creek, Fountain Hills, Surprise, Goodyear, Rio Verde, Morristown, Arlington, Aguila, Buckeye, Avondale, Paradise Valley, Tolleson, Theba, Kaka, Citrus Park, Wranglers Roost, Wickenburg, Komatke, New River, Guadalupe, Litchfield Park, Sun City West, El Mirage, Carefree, Gila Bend, Youngtown, Sun Lakes, Tonopah, Wittmann, and Wintersburg AZ (Arizona)


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Best Plants for Pool Waterfalls

Best plants for Pool Waterfalls

Have you been wondering how to enhance your backyard?

Do you have a pool and wondering what the best plants for pool waterfalls are?

There are various ways to enhance your garden, including vibrant plants, beautiful lighting, quality outdoor furnishings and eye-catching ornamentation.

An often-neglected space, however, is around pools, particularly around pool waterfalls. People may believe that a pool waterfall is a striking feature on its own, but there are many ways that unique Arizona pool landscaping can make your outdoor space even more inviting, for example putting the best plants for pool waterfalls around can really enhance your pools landscape.

Ideal Plants for Pool Waterfall

Before deciding on pool plants in Arizona, it’s important to consider what foliage will both flourish in the desert climate and also look great throughout the year. Plants will need to be able to withstand long periods of harsh sunlight. Some larger or leafier plants might also provide much-welcome shade from the strong sunshine.

Ideal plants for pool waterfalls are those that don’t cause excessive debris, such as falling leaves, petals or seeds, that could fall into the water. Too much litter means more frequent pool cleaning, and could also result in clogged filters.

Plants used in Arizona pool landscaping should ideally require little water to survive; too much irrigation can damage pool equipment and surroundings.

Take into account personal preferences too, such as desired floral color schemes. Consider, for example, if any household members have allergies to particular types of plants. It’s also important to consider toxicity of plants, particularly if there are children or pets in the household

Also think about blooming times to avoid pool plants in Arizona that only look great certain times of the year. The best Arizona pool landscaping will either contain a mixture of plants that bloom at different times of year or plants that aren’t seasonal.

Best Plants for Pool Waterfalls

Whether you prefer trees, shrubs, flowers, vines, cacti or succulents, these are some of the best plants for pool waterfalls in Arizona:


Best plants for Pool Waterfalls, Eucalyptus

Several varieties of eucalyptus are ideal plants for a pool waterfall in Arizona, including:

  • Lemon-flowered gum, with bright yellow flowers and a delicate fragrance
  • Red-cap gum, with a contrast of dark green leaves, pale stems and red caps
  • Coral-flowered gum, with a medium height and rose-colored blossoms
  • Swamp mallee, with long and narrow ribbon-like leaves


Best plants for Pool Waterfalls, Acacia

Acacia trees can be beautiful in Arizona pool landscaping, including:

  • Weeping acacia, with blue-gray hanging foliage and small yellow flowers
  • Abyssinian acacia, with wide foliage cover to offer shade
  • Shoestring acacia, with long green weeping leaves


Best plants for Pool Waterfalls, Windmill Palm

Palm trees add a touch of the tropical to any pool. Great varieties for around pools in Arizona include:

  • Mediterranean fan palm, with multiple stems and dense patches of leaves near the top
  • Date palm, with sweet edible fruit
  • Windmill palm, with thin rounded leaves at the top of a narrow stem


Best plants for Pool Waterfalls, Agave

Ideal for year-round beauty, several agave succulents grow well in Arizona, such as:

  • Octopus agave, with long twisting leaves
  • Queen Victoria agave, with spiny rosettes
  • Parry’s agave, with rosettes of gray pointed leaves


Best plants for Pool Waterfalls, Yucca

Perfect for dry climates, yucca’s live for several years. Great poolside yuccas include:

  • Banana yucca, with pretty flowers and banana-shaped fruit
  • Spanish bayonet, with sharp spear-shaped leaves and pale flowers
  • Soaptree yucca, with tall brown fruit


Best plants for Pool Waterfalls, Firecracker Pensteman

Add bursts of color to your pool waterfall with flower species like:

  • Firecracker penstemon, with vibrant red tube-shaped flowers
  • Blackfoot daisies, with contrasting light and dark flowers
  • Desert honeysuckle, with long flowers and a sweet scent
  • Rain lily, with small dainty flowers and grass-like leaves
  • Golden fleece, with many small yellow flowers
  • Bearded iris, with flamboyant multi-petal flowers in various colors

Add some of the best plants for pool waterfalls to breathe life into your garden and transform your pool area with No Limit Pools.

We are a leading Maricopa County pool builder who also provides incredible landscaping. Our ratings and reviews speak volumes about the professional and high-quality craftsmanship our team of pool designers, builders, technicians, landscapers, customer service and more provide. Contact us today to learn more about us and to set up a consultation for a quote.


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Spillover Spas for Inground Pools, Unique Ideas & Design

Spillover Spas for Inground Pools, Unique Ideas & Design

Unique Ideas For Spillover Spas for Inground Pools

The summertime Arizona heat can be unforgiving at times. To catch a break from the heat, an inground swimming pool can provide the perfect escape.

“If you are looking to create your own personal backyard oasis, have you considered a spillover spa for your newly constructed inground pool?” You may be wondering how does a spillover spa work? What spa spillover design will be used, and how do you develop the perfect spa spillover ideas. Continue reading for more on the inspiration for your spillover spa and more.

How Does a Spillover Spa Work

To put it simply, spillover spas are hot tubs that connect directly to your inground swimming pool. A small fountain of water is used to move the water over a ledge from your hot tub directly into your inground swimming pool. You can also heck out Salon Lofts to get the best massage of your life!

A spill-over spa can add a personalized touch to your newly constructed inground swimming pool. You can allow your creativity to flourish with a custom design for your poolscape. A spillover spa can provide hours of endless entertainment, perfect for those summer nights.

Spa Spillover Ideas

At No Limit Pools & Spas, Spa spill-over ideas are limitless. Browse through the online gallery, and you will find breathtaking examples of stunning custom pools and spas.

To develop the perfect spill-over spa idea for your landscape, consider how much space you have to work with. “How often do you plan on using your spillover spa?” “Do you frequently entertain with guests? How accommodating do you wish your spill-over spa to be?”

Spa Spillover Design

No Limit Pools & Spas has a plethora of landscaping designs to fit any creative vision. The Skyline, for example, offers beautiful rock work to add a splash of luxury to your poolscape.

If your backyard has more of a desert vibe, you may consider the Primrose a delightful option. If you wish to explore more designs, be sure to check our No Limit Pools & Spas Gallery online. You will not be disappointed at the array of luxurious designs No Limit Pools & Spas has to offer.

A Premier Choice for Arizona Spillover Spas

As a family-owned and operated business, No Limit Pools & Spas specializes in remodeling and creating custom inground swimming pools in Arizona.

You can expect to be treated with the utmost professionalism. The experts at No Limit Pools & Spas will be happy to help you create your perfect backyard paradise.

Pool financing options are available to help make your pool and spa vision come to life. Be sure to check out the customer testimonials. You can rest assured that you are choosing the highest quality custom pool builder.

Contact Us Today

To get started on creating the backyard of your dreams, give No Limit Pools & Spas a call.

Let us help with your spill-over spa ideas, answer questions about spa spillover design. The professionals at No Limit Pools & Spas will be happy to instruct you on how a spillover spa works and why it may be the right choice for your backyard retreat.

Contact us today for a personal home consultation and more information on custom inground swimming pools & spillover spas. You can expect premier Arizona pool designers dedicated to providing the best customer satisfaction possible.

We build custom inground pools with spillover spas in Maricopa County, AZ and beyond.

Phoenix, Scottsdale, Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler, Paradise Valley, Fountain Hills, Surprise, Goodyear, Buckeye, Tolleson, Sun City West, El Mirage, Carefree, Citrus Park, Wranglers Roost, Litchfield Park, Gila Bend, Youngtown, Sun Lakes, Tonopah, New River, Guadalupe, Wittmann, Arlington, Aguila, Glendale, Tempe, Sun City, Cave Creek, Rio Verde, Wickenburg, Komatke, Avondale, Theba, Kaka,  Morristown, and Wintersburg AZ (Arizona)

If you do not see your area, please feel free to get in touch with us to see what we can do for you.


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6 Top Modern, Contemporary Pool Designs and Landscaping Ideas

5 Top Modern, Contemporary Pool Designs and Landscaping Ideas

Trending Now! Modern, Contemporary Pool Designs and Landscaping Ideas

If you are looking to improve the look and design of your backyard, it is vital to know all of your options to transform the look and create an inviting space.

Many Arizona homeowners want to have an inground pool built in their backyard to stay cool during the hot weather, for relaxation, entertainment and more simply to enjoy and have fun.

Are you ready to get started and create a functional and visually appealing backyard setting?

Below we list a few of the newest hot trends for modern, contemporary pool designs and landscaping ideas.

First, we start with pool designs.

Cocktail Pools

Many Arizona homes have limited space in their backyards.

Have you ever heard of “cocktail pools?”

Cocktail pools have become a hot trend for those with limited space or those who would prefer a small pool over a full-size pool.

They continue to grow in popularity because they’re known to be more eco-friendly and can come at a lower price tag.

A great selling point is the spa-like features. A variety of different features can be built in, which include heaters, jets, and water features. The look and function of your cocktail pool can be customized specifically to your backyard space and your individual needs, desires and lifestyle.

This is an ideal option if you want something larger than a spa, yet smaller than a regular size pool. They are built on average of 400 square feet.

Dark and Moody Colors

In recent years, people have been moving away from the traditional blue when it comes to the color of their pool water.

Traditional pools have white or blue bottoms. Times have changed. People are creating a bold look with a dark gray or black color shade. This creates a modern, contemporary look that is vibrant and unique.

The darker the pool surface is, the deeper the water will appear. The only drawback of a dark-colored pool is that it tends to keep the water warmer, which may not be what the Arizona pool owner wants. But, do not get discouraged; there are now ways to chill your pool water during the hotter days.

LED Lighting

Do you know about the new lighting available on the market today? Have you heard about LED lights for pools?

Arizona homeowners are switching to LED lights for their existing pools and having them built within their new custom inground pools.

LED lighting is increasing in popularity because it draws beautiful attention to the pool and water in the evening, providing a fantastic ambiance.

The lights create a soothing and tranquil glow that looks upscale and luxurious. It offers a modern, contemporary aesthetic that will take the design of your pool up a notch. You can settle for a single color or switch it up with color-changing lights. LED lights also act as a safety feature when you navigate the outdoor setting at night.

How amazing would LED lights look in a dark and moody color pool?

Pool Decking

How about pool decking for a modern, contemporary pool?

With these styles come clean lines, colors and materials. Decking that appears seamless and is flush with the water’s edge is stunning and provides a smooth and sleek appearance.

Seamless transitions to other areas of the backyard bring the entire outdoor space together with elegance. Artificial turf that replaces grass is an excellent choice. Below we talk more about their benefits.

The newest trend in pool decking materials is porcelain tiles. They can easily resemble other decking materials. They do not stain, are colorfast and extremely durable.

Now let’s talk a bit about landscapes.

Low-Maintenance Landscapes

For those of us who have busy schedules and for those who have spent their entire lives working hard and now want to sit back, chill and relax, this is for you.

Low-maintenance landscapes include plants that are tolerant to droughts, are tough and will not die easily. This makes it easy for the backyard to appear lush without requiring a lot of effort or care.

Artificial grass and synthetic turf are excellent alternatives to regular grass and dirt. When properly installed, it can last up to 20 years without flattening and fading. In addition, it can handle excessive heat and is incredible for those with pets.

Adding more hardscape to your backyard landscape will also make it easier to maintain while still creating a fantastic ambiance.

Edible Gardens

More people are integrating edible gardens into their backyard because of the beauty it offers. It also provides your kitchen with fresh foods and herbs that you can add to your favorite dishes throughout the week.

These 6 modern, contemporary pool designs and landscape ideas are only a small fraction of options available. Keep reading to learn how to incorporate these and more into your backyard.

Ready to Incorporate These Modern, Contemporary Pool Designs and Landscape Ideas Into Your AZ Backyard?

Learning the latest contemporary pool designs and landscape idea trends is necessary to ensure you have a vision of what you want your backyard to look like while working with a contractor.

No Limit Pools & Spas is the Arizona pool builder you can count on. With many years of experience and an expert team, we are at the top of the list when it comes to the best Arizona pool builders.

Let us help you design and build a beautiful trendy backyard setting where you can relax and or entertain alone, with family and friends.

We build modern and contemporary pools along with tropical, traditional, free-form, geometric and more. Whatever you desire, we can create it in Maricopa County, AZ and beyond. Get in touch today.

Phoenix, Scottsdale, Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert, Fountain Hills, Surprise, Glendale, Tempe, Sun City, Cave Creek,  Goodyear, Buckeye, Tolleson, Wickenburg, Komatke, Avondale, Paradise Valley, Theba, Kaka, Litchfield Park, Sun City West, El Mirage, Carefree, Citrus Park, Wranglers Roost, Gila Bend, Youngtown, Sun Lakes, Tonopah, New River, Guadalupe, Wittmann, Arlington, Aguila, Rio Verde, Morristown, and Wintersburg AZ (Arizona)


Eco-Friendly Pool Products

Eco-Friendly Pool Products

The Variety of Eco-Friendly Pool Products Available in Arizona

Take a look below at the eco-friendly pool products available for swimming pools in Arizona.

Throughout the United States, many people desire to live more environmentally-friendly lifestyles. They’re reconsidering their energy sources by switching to solar energy. They’re looking into electric cars.

Here in Arizona, some eco-friendly measures are more practical than others. Our intense desert heat doesn’t allow us to do away with air conditioning, for example. However, one way to improve our lifestyles is through our swimming pool products.

Most people use harsh, environmentally damaging chemicals in the pool. Often, they think these are the only Arizona pool chemicals that work.

However, several ecofriendly AZ pool chemicals exist as alternatives. In this article, we’ll walk you through the eco-friendly AZ pool supply you need!

Eco-Friendly AZ Pool Chemicals

One of the central components of most swimming pools is chlorine. This chemical helps keep your water clean and free of harmful bacteria. However, it is a harsh chemical that harms the environment.

Moreover, chlorine also has some irritating side effects, such as itchy eyes and irritated skin. You can avoid these problems by switching to eco-friendly chemicals like salt.

Saltwater pools self-sanitize and naturally eradicate germs and bacteria. Saltwater pool users often report fewer instances of the chlorine side effects mentioned above.

Eco-Friendly AZ Pool Toys

Eco-friendly pool chemicals are an excellent first step in using green products. The next step is switching to green pool toys. Many pool toys utilize plastic, a material notorious for its negative environmental impacts.

Fortunately, many pool toys exist that use greener alternatives. For example, search for polyethylene or EVA foam options for your floaties and noodles. For other plastic toys, like water guns, look for alternatives that use recycled or biodegradable materials.

Eco-Friendly AZ Pool Floats

Other much beloved Arizona pool products include pool floats. After all, what’s more relaxing than lying out on the water with a cold drink?

Unfortunately, while many pool floats claim to be environmentally friendly, they often fail to live up to the claim. Most of these products continue to use harmful plastics. To make matters worse, they often have short lifespans.

There aren’t many purely eco-friendly floats on the market. However, don’t despair! There are ways you can retain your favorite relaxing pastime and improve its environmental impact.

First, buy a float designed to last for a lengthy period. Try to avoid purchasing a new float every summer. Likewise, when possible, buy used.

Buying used pool floats helps ensure these materials get recycled. Otherwise, it will likely end up in a landfill.

Eco-Friendly AZ Pool Tile

As it turns out, even pool tiles can contribute to environmental harm. Fortunately, several companies sell environmentally friendly pool tiles that will look fantastic on any pool.

Ecofriendly tiles usually come from recycled materials. These tiles come in several colors and textures, providing you several gorgeous options for your pool. Best of all, they’re more sustainable than your usual pool tiles.

Find the Best Eco-Friendly Pool Products for Your Arizona Pool Supply

Swimming pools are the most enjoyable place to while away your summer hours. With these green pool products, you can enjoy that leisure time and contribute to environmental sustainability.

If you don’t yet have a pool, check out our services! We build the quality pools in Arizona, including green models. Contact us today to learn more!

Our custom inground pool builds cover Maricopa County including Phoenix, Scottsdale, Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert, Fountain Hills, Glendale, Tempe, Surprise, Goodyear, Buckeye, Avondale, Sun City, Cave Creek, Paradise Valley, Tolleson, Wickenburg, Litchfield Park, Sun City West, and far beyond.


How to Lower Pool Water Temperature

How to Lower Pool Water Temperature

How to Lower Pool Water Temperature for Arizona Homeowners

There’s nothing more refreshing than escaping the Arizona summer heat with a dip in a nice, cool pool. So what can you do when your pool temperature reaches 90° or even higher?

Your pool water temperature is vital in the hot summer months. Let’s unpack some expert-proven tips that are guaranteed to improve your summer while you flee the desert heat waves.

How To Lower Pool Water Temperature

Can I Use Ice?

Technically? The answer is yes.

That being said, it would take over 2,000 pounds of ice to cool a small pool even a couple of degrees, and it would only last for a couple of days. We don’t ever recommend ice because the 36 hours that your pool stays cold isn’t worth how much you’re shelling out for it.


A common solution that pool owners turn to is often water fountains. Their constant circulation and air exposure allow the water to evaporate quicker, which in turn makes the pool several degrees cooler than it would be otherwise. This process is called aeration, and while it works 24/7, it’s most effective at nighttime.

While many install a fountain when their pool is first built, it’s never too late to get the job done. It’s growing more and more popular to buy aftermarket fountains or getting a remodel to allow for bigger and more effective units.

Evaporative Coolers

Another option when looking at how to cool a pool down in the summer is an evaporative cooler. These basically fast-forward the evaporation process, ultimately bringing the pool temperature down by as much as ten degrees! They’re also attractive because they have a very low start-up fee.

However, a major downside is in the long-term potential costs. These coolers go through significantly more water than other options and have a greater chance to cause lasting damage to your pool system.

Heat/Cool Pumps

At the end of the day, the best option when asking how to lower pool water temperature is a heating pump with a cooling option. In the same way that these pumps pull water out and heat them, they can also run them through a coolant, cooling your pool quickly and precisely.

One of the best parts of these systems is in how customizable they are. With options to heat and cool, you can get an exact temperature regardless of the season.

The only reservation clients can have with this low water temperature option is usually the start-up cost. While slightly more expensive than some other options, these are the most effective cooling option in the market and are guaranteed to last for years on end.

They also pay themselves off in the long run! Their low operating cost and the improbability of internal damage mean that this option is well worth the investment.

Take Control of Your Pool Water Temperature Today!

We hope this guide to lowering your pool water temperature has been helpful in your search. Whether you’re considering a pool to make the summer months bearable, or you’re looking for a remodel, our expert services are ready to lend a hand.

Contact us here to set up a consultation for your next backyard project, and don’t be afraid to check out the rest of our blog.


How Much Does An Inground Pool Cost in Arizona?

How Much Does An Inground Pool Cost in Arizona?

Inground Pool Cost in Arizona

Did you know Arizona is one of the top states with the most backyard pools?

Owning a pool may seem like a steep luxury, but it is actually a great investment for your home in many situations. If you have done foundation repair the woodlands, you might know what quality costs. It takes the right choice of service to begin with.

How much does an inground pool cost in Arizona? Is it worth the money?

Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of getting a pool, how much it may cost, and what you should consider.

Benefits of Owning Your Owl Pool

The biggest benefit that you’ll find when you have your own pool in Arizona is that you finally have a fun, convenient, and relaxing way to cool down.

Arizona weather is no joke, and if your family has a pool, you’ll be able to use it whenever you’d like to beat the heat.

Another main benefit to having a pool at your home is that you won’t have to worry about traveling to the pool to use it. It’s your own personal pool that only you and your family get to enjoy, but it’s also right outside your home for easy access.

A third benefit to consider before getting a pool is that a pool can increase your property’s value. For instance, homes in Tucson, AZ with a pool will have increased home value by over $20,000.

How Much Does an Inground Pool Cost in Arizona?

Generally, the price of the pool you want is going to depend on the type of material it will be made from, the size, the location and additional features. Vinyl-liner pools are the least expensive. While concrete/gunite is more costly, these pools offer an endless amount of options, whereas you are very limited with vinyl liner pools. Vinyl liner pools tend to be most popular in the northeast, while concrete/gunite is the preferred choice of homeowners in Arizona.

In Arizona, you can expect your pool cost to range anywhere from $20,000 to $100,000 (or more) depending on the pool and the features you want. For small pools where there is not much space, cocktail pools, otherwise referred to as spools, the cost will be on the lower end. However, once they start to get larger, the price goes up. 

Because concrete/gunite pools can be completely customized, there is no way to give an exact cost without adding all of the components. Each homeowner’s needs, desires and lifestyle are different, as so are their properties.

When searching for an Arizona pool builder, the most important thing is making sure they can do what you want. Many pool builders do cookie-cutter designs. Instead, find one that does eye-catching custom designs. 

Feel free to browse our website and view our No Limit Pools & Spas gallery to see the incredible work we do.

Our customers agree that our costs and prices are fair and comparable to what you would expect to pay for a pool.

If you want a pool that is out of your immediate budget, we have options. In addition, pool financing is something to consider.

When considering the inground pool cost in Arizona, our final recommendation is to recognize the additional costs of maintaining a pool in Arizona. Pool maintenance is vital for maintaining a crystal clear, healthy and safe pool. But, let’s not forget it’s also critical to maintain to reap the benefits of relaxation, fun, fitness and more.

What Factors Influence Cost the Most?

The main things that you’ll want to think about if you are concerned about cost include:

  • Pool size
  • Material
  • Indoor pool vs outdoor pool
  • Type of water, chlorine or saltwater
  • Additions (hot tub, diving board, etc.)
  • Landscaping
  • Electrical features, pool lighting
  • Higher property taxes

There is a lot that goes into purchasing a new custom inground pool in Arizona, At No Limit Pools & Spas we will give you a quote based on the elements included and your budget before any work is started. If additional features are requested by you, we will always let you of if there is an additional cost.

Are You Interested in Getting Your Own Inground Pool?

How much does an inground pool cost in Arizona? Well, it depends on many factors.

Get in touch with No Limit Pools & Spas today so we can discuss pool design, layout, features and of course cost.

Schedule your consultation today with No Limit Pools & Spas. Our happy pool owners come from Maricopa County, AZ, including Phoenix, Scottsdale, Mesa and far beyond.


Arizona Pool and Landscape Design Specialists

Arizona Pool and Landscape Design Specialists

Why No Limit Pools are Pool and Landscape Design Specialists

Spring has finally arrived, and summer is just around the corner. With the long days and warm sun taking up the coming months, there’s one thought that’s sure to be on everyone’s mind: taking a dip in the pool.

If you’re one of the many thinking about going for a swim, you’ve probably thought about getting a pool of your own. But how exactly can you have the best pool created for your needs?

Luckily, there’s no need to worry. No Limit Pools & Spas are the right pool and landscape design specialists to help you get exactly what you want out of your pool. Here’s what you should consider when choosing the pool specialists you need to get the job done!

Think About the Design You Want

Arizona Pool and Landscape Design Specialists

The first thing that you’ll need to do to think about what sort of design you want for your pool. There are plenty of pool designs out there, but you need to find the one that fits your personality and your needs.

Most pool design companies can only design and build certain types of custom pools, but others like No Limit Pools & Spas can create any design that you want. The pool you get with this pool builder is really only limited to your own needs and budget. Even so, their teams collaborative imagination will far exceed your expectations.

Check Out Their Customer Satisfaction Rating

Every company will give positive remarks about themselves to bring in customers, but that doesn’t mean that information is always accurate. The best way to learn more about a company is through its customer references and reviews.

Past customers tend to let you know if a company is great, or not. Many customers who choose No Limit Pools & Spas have said their service was one of the best they’ve ever seen, and this has led many people to choose their expertise over the competition.

Take a look at the article, 2021 Top-Rated Arizona Pool Company Floats To The Top. Here you will be able to compare the top-rated Arizona pool builders and why you should choose No Limit Pools & Spas.

Look at Their Portfolio and Work They Have Done

When you have a company create your pool, you want to make sure your pool design experience is every bit as beautiful as it is successful.  We would like you to browse an amazing gallery. There you will see the quality of work No Limit Pools & Spas does. You can also get ideas for your own new custom pool.

But remember, the custom pool builder company name is as it states, “No Limit Pools & Spas”. When it comes to choosing this custom pool builder there are “No Limits” as to what can be designed and built for you.


No Limit Pools & Spas is not only certified to take care of your customization needs but they’re also insured in case anything should occur. This makes them one of the best and most secure options on the market.

We’re the Pool and Landscape Design Specialists You Need

You know what you need out of your pool and landscape design specialists so you can get the highest quality out of your pool space. The next step is to get a professional service that you know you can count on to do the job right. We’re the right ones to help you with the job.

At No Limit Pools, we are the leaders in our industry and set the standard for custom pool designs. We can handle custom designs for all types of pools no matter the size or shape, and we make sure that our job isn’t done until you’re 100 percent satisfied.

Ready to get started? Check out this website to learn more about what No Limit Pools can do, or or to get in touch and start enlisting  services. We can’t wait for the chance to serve you!

We Are The Pool and Landscape Design Specialists who service Maricopa County, Arizona and Beyond.

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