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Our customers are what make us the family-oriented company that we are today.

As the top Arizona swimming pool builders, we love working with homeowners and neighbors in our community to transform backyards into welcoming, relaxing, and luxurious backyard oases.

We’re very proud to be able to call our customers our friends. We chose our company name carefully: there is No Limit to how much we value collaborating with you to design and build beautiful outdoor living spaces.

I wanted to share my experience with No Limit Pools to assure anyone looking to build a pool or spa, that deciding to break ground with them will not be a mistake. Not only are they knowledgeable experts, but they are honest, quick and hassle free. You will not have to call them several times hoping they come start work or worrying if they’ll be back to finish the job. I dealt with the company all on my own, my husband left the entire project up to me. Marc Ballard was referred to me by a friend. Marc happened to also be my neighbor. He quickly responded to my call and talked me through the process. I had previously met with another pool builder and I wasn’t sold. After talking with Marc he made suggestions to me that the other builder had not, such as going with travertine instead of pool decking, because of the longevity and cooler properties of the stone. Pool decking constantly cracks and gets hotter. the price was comparable and seemed the better choice. esthetically it looks better as well. Also, he told me that pebble was the only way they designed their pools. The other company I met with was going to have me use a plaster that would only last up to three years. He responded to all my texts and emails promptly no matter what time of day. When I accidentally messed up a meeting time, he called me and said he would wait the twenty minutes for me to arrive. A very nice designer named Dave met with me and showed me designs on his lap top so I could visually see from all angles. He gave me helpful suggestions and designed it exactly how I envisioned. I built my pool around my needs to want a rectangular contemporary lap pool with a large Baja step at the entrance for my three-year-old to play and another shorter Baja step at the other end for her to swim from one end to the other. He assured me that I could always add and change things before they ordered supplies. When it came time to order the pebble and tile and nice gentleman named Heath, was able to help me choose the perfect pebble with beautiful iridescent pieces of stone that sparkle in the sun. I wanted a mosaic tile and he was able to help find me the perfect color pattern to match the pebble. Everything took three weeks after they got the permit. Amazingly, the excavator was there before the holiday, so I would have to wait till after the long weekend. I know my neighbors that went with other pool companies waited months for theirs to be finished. My family and I were able to enjoy the pool all summer. I wanted to wait to write my review till after the monsoon season had started so I could rate their in-floor cleaning. I was pleasantly surprised at how well it cleans. It was the best investment in the pool design. I want to thank Marc, Dave, and, Heath for such an amazing job on the pool and stress-free experience. My body as never been in better shape from all the swimming. There is nothing more relaxing than swimming under the stars at night either. Happy client, Tonia Carreon to have a pool of our own was a dream of ours for over 10 years now, but finding the right company was like choosing the right pediatrician for your child.

Tonia Carreon

We had heard of various not-so-great experiences with other major pool building companies and were a bit hesitant in seeking out their service in building one for us. This is a huge investment for us, or for anyone for that matter, and we wanted the right company for this project. It wasn’t until we saw a sign for “No Limits” pools and spas in the front yard of a family member’s property that reignited the desire to have a pool of our own.

After asking various questions on the build process, the experience, and what kind of warranties were offered, we knew that No Limits would be the best fit us. They even have an A+ rating with the BBB.

From the design, excavation, installation of the plumbing, electrical, shotcrete, travertine, and interior materials for the pool, the quoted lead time on the pool build was 4-6 weeks from the day the permits were received. No Limits held true to this. If there was anything wrong, No Limits resolved those issues immediately. As a bonus, they also monitor and take care of the pool for an additional 30 days after build, which is extremely helpful for those who don’t know much about taking care of pools (like us).

I just wanted to say “thank you!” to Marc, Heath, Dave, and team for patiently walking us through this process and for building us the pool of our dreams that exceed our expectations. We know we made the right choice and look forward to the memories ahead.

-Rebecca and Joe Ottaviano

Clayton and I moved into our new home in the Highland Ridge Community in October of 2010. We purchased one of the model homes for the community, which already came beautifully landscaped, but, with no pool. After months of discussing whether we wanted to incur the expense and mess of having a pool constructed, Clayton and I began to meet with pool builders to discuss our options and the costs associated with tearing out the already landscaped backyard, constructing a pool, and putting the yard back together. After meeting with a couple of pool builders, Clayton and I immediately began to realize that constructing a pool and having the landscaping re-done was not only going to be a time consuming and messy process, but a much more expensive process then we expected. While speaking with a neighbor one day about our desire to put in a pool, he told us that we should get in touch with our neighbor, Mark Ballard, who was the owner of No Limit Pools. We did that, and immediately upon meeting Mark, we knew our dreams of having a pool and nice backyard surrounding that pool were a reality. Not only was Mark extremely knowledgeable about the pool building process, but he was also able to help Clayton and I design our pool to fit our wants and needs, and also provided us with design ideas for the backyard that would compliment the pool design. Mark made it extremely easy to discuss options available to us, and expressed to us that any changes we wished to make along the way would not be met with additional substantial costs or headache. Unlike the larger pool builders in the Valley who nickel and dime you death, Mark guided us during the building process, with new design ideas and changes to upgrade certain design aspects of our pool and backyard, without never once asking for more money, more time to complete the process, or with any negative attitude or frustration. We felt as though our needs and wants were Mark’s number one priority, at all times. There are so many examples of how Mark was able to provide us with much more for our money then other pool builders could, from the top of the line gorgeous pool tiles, to the tumbled travertine paver decking, down to the LED color changing pool light. Not only were we completely and utterly satisfied with the design of the pool, but the time in which Mark was able to construct our pool, and other design features of our backyard not only far exceed our expectations, but were unbelievable. AND, most importantly, the quality was EXEMPLARY!

If you are considering having a pool constructed, please do not hire another company without meeting with Mark at No Limit Pools first. You will not be disappointed, and might even enjoy the construction process because of Mark’s ability to make you feel comfortable from beginning to end. As Mark always used to tell us when we would want to add something, or even remove a design element in the middle of the construction process, “you are the customer, I do this for you, you tell me what you want or don’t want, and we will make it happen.” Clayton and I would be more than willing to discuss our pool building experience with anyone who is considering putting in a pool. There is no other option in our opinion then No Limit Pools.

Clayton and Stacie Maddio

It is with great pleasure that we were afforded the opportunity to meet Marc and have his company, NoLimit Pools & Spas, construct and complete the Play Pool for our personal residence.

After having contacted three other pool companies in an attempt to get estimates on a pool that met our requirements, Marc was the ONLY vendor to perform a personal consultation at our home with regard to our wants and needs for this type of project. Not only did he cover what his company would and could do for us, he proceeded to drive us to neighborhoods in our immediate geographic area for a viewing of several pools his company had completed. Seeing the quality of work first hand helped to solidify our choice of vendors.

Price was a very important factor in moving forward with Marc as well. Other vendors did not get to the specifics of what the total costs of the pool were going to be. They left us with impressions that: 1) They didn’t care to get involved with our project; 2) The proposals were open ended (the vendors didn’t have time to visit our property and consult with us about specifics thus leaving room to ADD ON if needed during construction). Marc presented us with an estimate (below all other vendors) and stayed within that estimate throughout the project.

Marc was 100% involved from the moment we met him and elected to move forward with his company. His construction teams were always on schedule per the time line established for our project. Marc was always available to see that the work and construction was properly and professionally performed. There was no compromise for shortcuts, quality of materials utilized or the manpower necessitated in completing the pool.

When Marc said he was going to do something, he got it done. He even threw in a few unexpected surprises throughout the entire construction period (at no extra cost). Of course, to our delight, the decision to employ NoLimit Pool & Spas and Marc Ballard has been (and continues to be) a decision we would make again.

Marc has continued to stand up to the promises he made before our pool was ever started. He and his company have earned our admiration and respect. We would highly recommend Marc Ballard and NoLimit Pools & Spas to anyone who is seeking to have quality work and a company that stands behind what they do 100%.

Thanks to Marc and NoLimit Pools & Spas for giving us an experience that we will continue to enjoy for many years to come!

Mike & Julie Thompson

P.S. Marc will even jump in the filled pool totally clothed with phone in pocket to get the job done right!!

My wife and I want to extend our thanks to you for building our pool.As you know, we talked with Paddock and California pools, we’re so glad we decided to have your company build it for us.Your crew did a fantastic job.What we appreciated the most thou was your suggestions on what to do to add beauty to our pool . We have received so many compliments and we just love it.What I appreciate the most is your honesty and integrity,you did what you said you would do and didn’t try to cut corners.

We have our pool water tested at Cactus Valley Pool Supply and they told me we had the best of equipment.It should be trouble free for years.

Again, thanks so much,if anyone wants to talk to us or come by to see our pool , feel free to do so.

Roger C.

After months of research in the Phoenix area for a reputable company to build our pool, my wife Stacey and I decided on Shasta Pools. We agreed on a design, discussed all the options that would make the pool what we wanted and we signed a contract with Shasta on January 28th 2009. On April 9th, 2009 more than 70 days after the signing of the contract they hadn’t even broken ground. We fired Shasta and started over. In our re-attempt to find a company that would meet our needs we realized that our needs included not just our pool but the landscaping for our backyard also. So we refined our search and only looked into companies that could give us “the whole package”. No Limit Pools was one of the pool builders we were considering and after meeting the owner Marc Ballard, No Limit quickly rose to the top of our list.

No Limit was able to give us more pool, more upgrades and complete the backyard landscaping, for less than just a pool from the big name Shasta. Mark made it easy to discuss options and was quick to reassure us that if we want to make a couple of changes here and there, it wouldn’t be a problem. Unlike the other company, when we showed Marc our idea for our backyard design he was able to improve our ideas without charging us more money. In fact, that is one of the things that impressed us most about No Limit Pools. Marc took our original idea, improved on it, added enhancing features and was still thousands of dollars less than Shasta. The big pool builders will get you in, get you to sign and then begin the nickle and dime process. Marc explained to us the importance of the in-floor cleaning system and how in the valley we would be glad we had it. We are. The other company said they would put it in if we wanted it but the cost was so high we couldn’t afford it. There are many other examples of how Marc was able to give us much more for our money than any other pool builders we interviewed. Price wasn’t the only deciding factor. The quality of workmanship is as high if not higher than you will find with any other pool builder.

I have explained the reasons we hired No Limit Pools. I would be happy to discuss our experience with anyone. If you are considering putting a pool in your yard, do not hire any company without talking to Marc at No Limit Pools.

Roger and Stacey Hayes

We wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the transformation of our backyard. We had high hopes for the outcome, yet the job you did far exceeded even our highest expectations.

From day one, your company provided a high level of customer service, great communication and excellent work. We were very happy when you were able to drastically reduce the final cost of our dream backyard, as quoted by another local company. You did exactly what you said you were going to do consistently throughout the project. The job was on time, which we know is no easy thing to accomplish. The outcome is absolutely amazing!

Our backyard looks like a high-end desert oasis! We have received many compliments from not only family and friends but even from strangers who are visiting the model homes! We will definitely recommend you to anyone that is looking for a pool construction company.

Marc, we truly appreciate everything you did and your commitment to the job at hand. Many, many thanks to you and your team for an outstanding job!

Joshua & Jennifer Lee

I would like to take the moment to show my appreciation to the great work Nolimit Pools (Mark Ballard) did on my pools. I have had the pleasure of Mark Ballard building my pools for me. As a homeowner you want to get a quality pool for a fair price. Being a small business owner myself I was so frustrated and discouraged with some of the large public pool builders that wanted to build my pool on their time and over charging me. As a business man and a educated homeowner I got a few different quotes so that I could make a professional decision. I met with Paddock Pools, Shasta Pools and Presidential Pools. All of the quotes I got from these three companies were all in the same ball park with each other, give or take a few thousand. All of them also told me about 3-4 months for build time. With myself being a small business owner I had one of my homeowners who I just did their garage cabinets and their custom closets recommended me to Mark Ballard. They knew that my business was 90% word of mouth and thought I would appreciate his help on my pool. I was already discouraged with the amounts the other pool builders wanted so I gave him a call. Mark came over and from that moment on gave me peace of mind knowing that I was getting a quality pool for a fair price. Not only was he able to save me $30,000 but he was also able to include a waterfall slide and a interior cleaning system the other builders wanted another 10k from me. Since I was so happy with my pool and the service Mark provided me this letter is the least I could do for Mark. I would recommend him to my family, my customers and to my neighbors. As a business owner it is always good business when you can under promise and over produce, and that is exactly what NOLIMITPOOLS did with my pools.

Thank you so much Mark!

Shawn Camacho

Marc Ballard was hired by my husband and I to remodel our existing pool and back yard. He was responsible for the entire project from design to completion. He obtained the necessary permits, provided all the equipment, added a Jacuzzi with a negative edge waterfall that flows into the pool and added two other waterfalls from the Jacuzzi into the pool. Marc also added a fire pit to the back yard, relocated the barbeque, and re-landscaped the entire back yard, again doing all the design work himself. Marc did a fantastic job turning our boring, bland back yard into a luxury oasis!

Marc always acted in a professional manner. His work was completed timely and within the budget we established. Marc went above and beyond for us and our back yard is now proof of his outstanding abilities. We will hire Marc again should we ever have any need in the future. He is a terrific contractor and because of Marc, we feel like we live in a luxury resort every time we step outside!

Donna J. Bickel

After recently installing our pool with No Limit Pools and Spas, we would highly recommend them for anyone in the market for a custom pool. They don’t just deliver quality, but a very personalized and professional product. Marc Ballard only needed one conversation with our family before coming back with his proposal, and was able to meet all of our needs – and then some.

For a family of 6, budgets are important. Marc listened carefully, and stayed within that budget – without trying to constantly up-sell us into something bigger and better that might put us in an uncomfortable position. We went out and got 4 total quotes for our pool, and no company came within 20% of his final proposal when compared toe to toe. At first this concerned us – cheaper isn’t always better…but in this case, he proved that the old cliché “if seems too good be true, it is” to be completely inaccurate. We liked the way he constantly cautioned us along the way about making short term decisions that would impact how we feel about the pool in the future. Any upgrades we chose to make were our decision, and in all cases he only provided guidance at our request.

Lastly, Marc has great vision and knowledge – a master of his trade. He carefully and expediently orchestrates his teams, and will install your product as quickly or as slowly as you’d like. He only produces the best of pools, and is extremely friendly and courteous to work with.

Jason & Amy Knight, and Family

It was a year after moving into our new home in East Mesa that we decided to proceed with starting our backyard, which would include a pool. We had built pools in the past and were tired of the norm, so to speak. Our first quote was from the same company that completed our front landscape, they worked with a local pool builder. The pool they designed was only 60 LF and cookie cutter landscape, price was outrageous.

We next explored some options locally, No Limit Pools was one of my neighbors and we asked Mark if he could show us some designs and maybe a finished pool that we may find our style. No more than 10 minutes later was I in the backyard of his latest master piece. We were sold!

No Limit Pools is extremely flexible on the entire build process, from design, layout to adding and changing features on the fly. I was able to make payment agreements with them that allowed us to “pay as we go”. We actually completed the pool and decking within 5 weeks, they made it exactly what my family wanted.

6 months after the completion of the pool, No Limit came back and completed the built in bar/BBQ and all my landscaping. My family and I are very pleased and have a smile every morning we look out the back while eating breakfast.

Thanks No Limit Pools,
James & Allison Gangwish

When we decided it was time for a pool in our backyard, we contacted several companies for estimates. Once we met with No Limit Pools, we knew we had found the builder that was right for us. Not only were we immediately comfortable discussing ideas and plans for our project, but we also realized that our satisfaction was No Limit’s priority. Marc was able to incorporate all the elements that were important to us and on top of that, add all the special touches to make our backyard truly magnificent. We were most impressed by the amount we were quoted for this project. If we had chosen any other pool company it would have cost a great deal more and I’m confident we would not have the unique custom pool we have today.

No Limit Pools did the work in a matter of weeks and was able to change and add things throughout the construction process at our request. They even did all of our landscaping to complete our backyard oasis! We have also had perfect readings on our water for weeks! Our pool and spa are used nearly every day and it is honestly the best feature of our home. We do a lot of entertaining as well and it’s been wonderful to hear all the compliments on the work that was done.

No Limit Pools professionally constructed our pool and completely transformed our backyard into our own personal paradise. We love it! Thank you so much Marc for the amazing job you did, for listening and incorporating our ideas, being open to change as we went through the construction process, and for keeping it within our budget! We had very high expectations and I am glad to say we are impressed and couldn’t be happier!

Chad and Valarie

Late review (a year after the job was finished). . . not because I didn’t want to but because I didn’t take the time to do so. Marc is a straightforward pool builder who tells it like it is, realistic expectations and will work to make sure you are happy in the end. We got a few quotes for pools from both big and small companies and decided to go with Marc and No Limit Pools because he went out of his way to come meet with us even after hours. He is very down to earth and runs his company like a family. We have never owned a pool and had several questions that Marc was patient enough to answer. We had lots of dreams about our pool and Marc told us the reality of what maintenance would be added if we did some of them. He started the pool and I was shocked at the construction mess. Again, never owned a pool so had no clue how messy the backyard would be. I am not a neat freak but it was crazy. Even when we had weather problems and sick employees, Marc was quick to respond to questions and even came over to talk through a few things. We had a slide and grotto built and it is the talk of everyone who comes over or sees pictures. We all love the slide. My boys love to climb the rocks and jump into the pool. I love that there are places to put my drink and that I can just listen to the waterfall while reading a book outside. Our fire pit is a nice addition although in the summer we haven’t used it very much. Our pool was finished in January and Marc even worked with us when we had a problem. He wanted to make sure we were satisfied. We swam a couple times in the winter but with the warmer weather someone is in the pool every day. It is a nice place to cool off from the Arizona summer. If you want a honest, straightforward pool builder Marc and No Limit Pools is your best bet.

The Smith Family

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