Saltwater Vs Chlorine: The Pros And Cons

Once you’ve created your backyard oasis with the help of custom Arizona pool builder No Limit Pool, the next step is to decide which water sanitizer system you will choose. The two most popular options are saltwater and chlorine. Both options provide pool owners with clean, safe water, so knowing the pros and cons of each can help you make the best choice for your backyard pool.

What Is Saltwater Purification?

Despite it’s name, a saltwater purification system actually still uses chlorine to sanitize the pool water. When a saltwater system is installed, first sodium chloride (standard table salt) is added to the water to create a mild saline solution. Next a chlorine generator is added to the pool’s filtration system that converts the chloride in the salt into chlorine. The chlorine then sanitizes the water, killing bacteria, viruses, and algae. As the chlorine breaks down, it turns back into salt. Which means that once a saltwater system is installed, it will continue to cycle and clean the water without more salt being added.

Saltwater Pros

Saltwater purification systems have a number of great pros to consider when selecting a sanitizing solution for your pool. These pros include:

  • Saltwater pool maintenance does not require the use and handling of harsh chemicals
  • Saltwater is better for your hair, skin, and eyes than chlorinated water
  • Saltwater pools require less routine maintenance from the pool owner
  • Saltwater feels gentle and soft

Saltwater Cons

However saltwater pools also have some cons as well to consider. These cons include:

  • Saltwater Purification systems require a more expensive initial investment than traditional chlorine pools
  • Salt is corrosive and can damage components of your pools, so your accessory options may be limited
  • Saltwater systems are more complex so any breakdowns or upgrades will require hiring a technician

What Is Chlorine Purification?

A chlorine purification system is the standard method of sanitizing your pool water. Chlorine is added directly to the water to kill bacteria, viruses, and algae. Using chlorine purification system requires the pool owner to test the PH of the water, measure out the correct balance of chemicals, and add them to the water. This system is done routinely by the pool owner as part of their routine pool maintenance.

Chlorine Pros

Like saltwater purification, chlorine has several pros to consider, including:

  • Chlorine is the most effective way to sanitize water
  • Chlorine purification is cheaper than a saltwater system
  • Chlorine does not damage masonry or pool accessories like salt, requiring less expensive pool maintenance in the long run

Chlorine Cons

There are also a few cons to having a chlorine pool:

  • Chlorine can be harmful to skin, hair, and eyes
  • Chlorine requires routine maintenance and handling harsh chemicals
  • Chlorine may have negative health effects with prolonged exposure

The pros and cons of saltwater and chlorine purification systems are a lot to think about when deciding how you will sanitize your pool water. Luckily our friendly, knowledgeable experts at No Limit Pools are here to answer any questions you may have. With years of experience as the top Arizona pool builder, we can help you decide which system is right for you!