Keep The Water In Your Pool

Keep The Water In Your Pool

Constantly refilling a pool all season long because of evaporation can be costly. Water evaporates when it gets hot out, so think of ways to help keep your pool cool. We’ve got a list of a few ways to consider in order to help keep the water in your pool this swimming season.

Add Shade

According to Whitton Cooling and Heating Sahuarita, adding something onto your pool that adds shade will help to keep the water from heating up so fast. Waterfalls can cast a shadow on part of the pool, cooling down scorching hot temperatures. You can also add a pergola or an outdoor kitchen with shade on the side of your pool. It will help to cast a shadow and keep the water in your pool at a more reasonable temperature.

Keep The Water Moving

Stagnant water is more likely to heat up and evaporate than moving water. Keep the water in your pool circulating during the hottest points of the day, and you can help to keep the temperatures down. Be sure the pool filter is on and the filters are clean to keep the water flowing through your pool at a steady rate. You could also think about adding a water feature for extra circulation.

Install An Aerator

An aerator is a device that puts oxygen back into the water to keep the temperature of the water down. It is usually just a nozzle on the side of your pool that looks like it is adding bubbles back into the water. The oxygen helps to cool off the pool water and bring it down to a better temperature, therefore preventing evaporation.

Cooling Pump

A cooling pump works on the same technology as a heat pump except it cools down the water instead of heating it up. For pools that are in the direct sunlight, the cooling pump is stronger than a heat pump, giving you more power behind your cooling technique. This may only need to be turned on in the dead heat of the summer and can help you keep your pool water from evaporating as quickly.

Keep your pool temperatures in check this summer with one of these techniques. If you don’t already have one at your disposal, call No Limit Pools and we’ll help you get all set up. We specialize in pools and outdoor kitchens, and we would be happy to do the work for you. Give us a call today and we’ll get started on your free estimate.

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