How Kids Benefit From Having Their Own Pool

How Kids Benefit From Having Their Own Pool

Everyone in the family can benefit from having a pool right in your backyard. It is a good source of exercise, fun and more. But did you know there are benefits for kids who have their own pool in their backyard?

Build Confident Swimmers

Kids who have pools in their backyard become more confident swimmers. They are able to have daily practice being in and around water, and they are able to understand how to get around in water. They can practice different strokes on their own, plus jumping skills and floating. All of these skills lead to more confident swimmers who understand the elements of being in the water.

Muscle Development

Water provides a lot of resistance. Kids who participate in watersports and swimming show a better level of muscle development and they experience more tactile stimulation. Just walking or running in the water provides resistance from the water, which helps to develop kids’ muscles. Kids who swim usually show higher core muscle strength, a skill that helps them with things at school like reading and writing.

Mental Development

Water is a whole-body experience, and therefore helps to build all kinds of sensory experiences. Children who swim perform better on tests that exhibit the skills required for school skills. Studies have been been done that show that swimming is linked to mental growth as well as physical growth and strength. Swimming children have also shown social advancements like eye contact, more independence, and more adventurous attitudes.


Kids who have water right in their backyard are often more conscious of safety restrictions. Kids without pools right in their backyards don’t always know about being careful around the edge of the pool and not running. But if those are the rules in your backyard, kids will often transfer those rules to other places near water, making it safer for them to go swimming at a friend’s house or a lake.

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