Pool Maintenance Tips To Keep Your Pool Clean

Maintenance Tips To Keep Your Pool Clean

Owning a pool can be very enjoyable, but there is some maintenance required to ensure it remains in top shape throughout the summer. Your pool builders in Phoenix should have given you some tips when you first opened your pool. Are you practicing good pool maintenance? Consider adding the following to ensure your pool stays swimmable throughout summer.

Regularly Remove Debris

Debris can not only make your pool dirty and unswimmable but if enough accumulates, it can cause problems with your pool’s circulation. Failure to remove debris may require you to contact a pool builder in Phoenix to correct the problem.

You should be skimming the surface of your pool every couple of days, removing debris before it sinks to the bottom of your pool. Every time you skim the pool you should also clean the strainer baskets. These are easy to clean – you simply remove them from the water and shake them out. If debris does sink to the bottom of your pool, you will need to vacuum your pool. You should be vacuuming your pool at least once a week. An automated vacuum can help save you time, giving you more time to enjoy your pool!

Taking time to remove debris from your pool can save you money, as well. Removing debris should reduce the amount of chlorine you must add to the water to keep it properly balanced.

Keep Tabs On The Water

In the Arizona heat, it is very easy for water to quickly evaporate from your pool. You should check regularly to ensure that the water is at a proper level. If your water level falls below the skimmer, you risk costly damage to your pump that will require a pool builder in Phoenix to repair. You can use a hose to put water back into your pool. However, when you use a hose, you are essentially “watering down” the water that is already in your pool. Be sure to check the pH level of your pool, and add the necessary chemicals to keep your pool functioning. Failure to maintain proper levels of your chemicals could be harmful to you. It could also promote the growth of algae, which can be difficult to remove.

Monitor The Pool’s Foundation

The pool itself – not just the water inside – is also important to care for. Every so often, you should scrub clean the walls and tiles of your pool. This will remove stubborn algae and debris that a vacuum cannot clean. Be sure you are using a brush that is suited for the type of material your pool walls are made of, as follows:

  • Plaster-lined concrete pools – Use a stiff brush
  • Vinyl or fiberglass pools – Use a softer brush
  • Tiles – Use a softer brush. This is especially important to preserve grout

You should also monitor and repair any leaks that you find in your pool.

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