AZ Pool Builders Answer Your Questions About Robotic Swimming Pool Cleaners

AZ Pool Builders

Now that you’ve had our AZ pool builders turn your backyard into the perfect summertime oasis, you have only two things to do:

• Enjoy it
• Keep it clean

No one really loves cleaning their pool, but without regular care, your beautiful water can turn murky, and your filter can get clogged. You could hire a pool maintenance company or check out more about Willard Power Vac here to take care of the pool for you, but that can become costly. With the latest advancements in technology, however, you just might be able to have the best of both worlds.


Q & A With Your AZ Pool Builders


Robotic pool cleaners have been around for several years, but they’ve been getting more recognition as people have gotten busier than ever before. People need to Visit now and get cleaning done by them as they are busy with their jobs and hectic life schedule.Powered by an electric motor, a robotic pool cleaner connects to a low-voltage transformer that you can plug into an outdoor outlet. You simply put it in the pool and watch it work. You may be asking yourself if it sounds too good to be true, but your AZ pool builders can answer that question and more.

Q: Are robotic pool cleaners easy to operate?
A: Yes. They come with on-board computer systems, programming options, and their own filter compartments. You simply turn it on, pick a cleaning setting, put it in your pool, and relax. If you are considering other options, you could try this out which is quite time-saving.

Q: Do robotic pool cleaners really get the pool clean?
A: They do. Pre-programmed to clean all wall and floor surfaces of any sized pool, robotic pool cleaners are effective at cleaning both large and small debris. They can even pick up micro-granules of dirt that other cleaners leave behind, making your pool more sparkling than ever and giving you more to enjoy.

Q: What about surface cleaning?
A: Robotic pool cleaners do more than just the tile. As they move around the pool, they climb up to the water line and suck up any debris found floating on the surface. It’s important to note that in very large pools, you might still need to skim debris in the middle of the pool.

Q: Do robotic pool cleaners really improve water circulation?
A: Some robotic cleaners circulate the water as they move around and clean. This circulation keeps the water at a constant pH, reducing your need to constantly test and access the chemical levels of the pool water. This also reduces the risk of algae and saves you money on expensive chemicals for reducing algae buildup.


Worth The Consideration


There you have it. It’s worth the time and effort you save to have a robotic cleaner give you a hand. Keep in mind that though they’re great for basic pool cleaning, but be sure to have your pool checked regularly for repairs, replacements, and general maintenance. And if you ever need any pool renovations, your AZ pool builders are here to help.

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