4 Science Backed Benefits Of Pool Ownership

AZ pool builders do a whole lot more than simply realize your idea of a backyard oasis. Your pool company Arizona pool builders may actually be doing something a little extra when they design and install your pool – they may be making your life just a little bit better. Science has backed the many benefits of pool ownership to your health and life, and 4 of these science backed benefits of owning your own pool are:

1. Outlet for exercise – It’s not a myth that exercise makes you feel better. Exercise helps your body to release endorphins, which are responsible for the mood lift and happy feeling one gets after getting in a great workout. What is one of the best low-impact total body workouts one can do? Swimming in the pool!

2. Sunshine and fresh air – The air we breathe indoors is circulated and often dirty, even if the house is kept clean. Dust, viruses, bacteria, they can all be found in your indoor air, and the best way to give your body a reset is to get outside and breathe some fresh air regularly every day. On top of breathing the fresh air, being in the sun will provide your body with the Vitamin D it needs to regulate mood and stave off depression.

3. A reason to relax – Relaxing by the pool isn’t just a simple great way to spend an afternoon, it actually makes you healthier. Stress itself puts stress on nearly every process of the body, and one of the best ways to release and relieve stress is simply to relax. While you’re reading a good book by the pool, you’re giving your body a much needed break from the stresses of the day.

4. A reason to smile – Scientists have found out that the simple act of smiling can make a person actually feel happier inside. Spending time by or in the pool playing games and enjoying the day with loved ones gives you a real reason to show those pearly whites.