How Swimming Pools Help To Build Healthy Kids

How Swimming Pools Help To Build Healthy Kids - Arizona Pool Builders

The obesity rate in Arizona is on the rise, and has been climbing steadily from the year 1990. Around 29% of adults within the state are considered to be obese, and this places Arizona 29th out of 51 in the United States. These levels of obesity leave Arizona residents more likely to find themselves with diabetes and cardiovascular problems, and this fact isn’t relevant to adults alone. Obesity rates for children in Arizona are also on the rise, and in today’s world of technology, it can be difficult to get kids up and moving to build that foundation of a healthy lifestyle.

AZ pool builders see the kind of physical fitness and exercise impact a custom pool has on a family, and how it provides a family with a fun and interactive way to spend time together while getting a great workout at the same time. Swimming in a swimming pool is an incredibly powerful and effective cardiovascular workout that promotes heart and lung health, while also building muscles and keeping it all easy on the joints. By playing pool games with your family, you’re actually giving your family a way to get fit and keep fit without even realizing you’re doing anything more than having a lot of fun.

Swimming pools don’t only provide a great workout, they also give kids a reason to get outside and enjoy the fresh air. Fresh air and vitamin D are science backed mood-lifters, and for young people, they can help to improve emotional health while staving off depression. With smartphones, gaming systems, and computers being incorporated more and more into young people’s everyday lives, it can be tough to get them away from the tech and out enjoying a good old fashioned day in the sun. What an Arizona pool builder can do is provide you that very tool to get kids enjoying interactive outside time again.

Swimming pools don’t just help to build healthy kids, they help to build those family memories that kids will carry with them for a lifetime. Days spent by the pool with family and friends will become some of their most looked forward to every summer.

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