AZ Pool Builders Want You To Breathe Easy

AZ Pool Builders Want You To Breathe Easy

There are many ways in which swimming can enhance your life. Pleasure and relaxation are two wonderful things you can get when owning a swimming pool, but swimming can be very beneficial to your physical health. 

Building Your Lung Capacity 

Your AZ pool builders know how good swimming is for your cardiovascular health, but it can also be important for the health of your lungs. You might not think much about your lung health; until you have to take the stairs at work and start huffing and puffing by the time you reach the 2nd floor.

Increasing lung capacity through swimming is easy to do when you take into account that:

  • Swimming is an aerobic exercise, which means that it helps work out your large muscle groups while elevating your heart rate. This makes your lungs work more efficiently. As you swim more often, your heart rate and blood pressure will improve, making breathing even easier. 
  • All forms of activity require proper breathing to get rid of carbon dioxide. Swimming gives you a constant reminder to breathe the right way while in the water, which will translate to proper breathing while on the land.  
  • When you are immersed in water, your diaphragm must work harder, which gives your lungs more elasticity over time. 
  • When you swim a lot, your lungs will develop more alveoli, the tiny air sacks that exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide in the lungs. An increase in alveoli will allow you to absorb more oxygen for use in your blood cells.  
  • Some people with asthma find that cold, dry air can trigger an attack. The humid air of a swimming pool can be beneficial by providing an atmosphere that’s easier on the lungs. Plus, swimming will increase stamina and provide better breathing techniques. 

When it comes to your good health, nothing is as easy and fun to do like swimming. If you don’t already have a pool, AZ pool builders can help you remedy that situation. Fall is the perfect time to build a new pool or remodel your old one. Get yours up and running today. Your lungs will thank you. 

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