Custom Pools Showcased by Breathtaking Landscaping

A pool can be one of the most exciting features on your property. Your kids will likely love spending time swimming and playing water games. If you like to have spring and summer parties, friends and loved ones will likely gather around the pool naturally. This is why swimming pool landscaping ideas are important.

The pool is part of your home’s exterior, so it should be just as attractive as the rest of your yard. Landscaping should also display your sense of design and creativity. When you know what you’re looking for, it will be easier to choose the pool landscape ideas that are right for you and your family.

Materials for Pool Landscaping

 When you’re choosing the material that will go around your deck, there are lots of factors to consider. Don’t just think about how attractive the material is. You’ll also need to select landscaping items that will be safe to walk on when wet. You should also check to ensure that the material doesn’t feel bumpy or overly coarse. It’s also important to coordinate the landscaping materials with other paved areas of the yard. The landscape material should also be frost-resistant, and should repel mold and mildew. Ask your contractor if the material will corrode or change its composition when coming in contact with chlorine.

If you prefer clean lines in your design, concrete is a great choice. However, the concrete has to be brushed or textured finish, since the material gets slippery when wet. Brick is a practical choice as well since it lasts for a long time and stays in great condition. It’s important to keep the brick clean because moss can collect on the brick during cool weather.

Once you select the stone or concrete that will go around the pool, talk to your contractor about pool fencing as well. A fence makes the pool more noticeable, but can also keep pets and small children from climbing into the pool without supervision. Check the regulations in your area and neighborhood for fences and barriers. In most cases, your fence has to be at least four feet tall. The fence also must be positioned between entry and exit areas and the pool.

Inground Pool Landscaping

Adding the same material you used for the pool deck around the pool if it’s inground makes the entire area look uniform. The right landscaping team also recommends flowers and shrubs that will bring the entire look together. For instance, if you live in an area that has hot, dry summer, a rock garden with succulents is stunningly rustic. For areas where the weather is humid, pot fixtures with lush greenery and tropical flowers are ideal.

There are also a number of ornamental grasses that can be planted around the pool. The stark green of the grass contrasts well with the blue hue of the water. If you want certain shrubs or plants around the pool that don’t grow in your local soil, positioning large terracotta pots around the pool with stunning plants or flowers inside adds a textured finishing touch to the yard. The pots can also be placed along the path leading to the pool. The patch can also be bordered with stones or tile to make it especially eye-catching.

Landscaping Around Pool With Rocks

No Limit Pools has a variety of landscaping materials you can view before making your final purchases. Regardless of the size or shape of your pool, our large inventory is designed to meet your needs. We listen to your needs and preferences and offer materials and construction ideas that will provide the desired results. Contact No Limit Pools for a consultation that will help you bring your pool landscape design ideas to life at.

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