What to Expect During Your Swimming Pool Construction

What to Expect During Your Swimming Pool Construction

You are getting your Phoenix swimming pool installed, and it is an exciting time! Or you thought it would be. You may have been taken aback by a few things during the swimming pool construction process because you didn’t know it would happen and you weren’t prepared.

The following are a few things you can expect during your swimming pool construction, so you are better prepared to handle any “surprises” that may pop up!

Getting Started

First, there are several phases involved in the swimming pool construction process. Each one of these processes can take a day or more to complete. The lot will be measured, the property line will be determined, and utility lines and other easements and setbacks will be taken into consideration as well.

Once all the preliminary and technical stuff is done, you will work with your pool builders to pick out the design and finalize the plans for the swimming pool. Once this is done, the homeowner approves the design and plans. The pool builder will then obtain all the permits that are needed.

Next Steps

Excavation is the next step in the construction process, and this might even require the removal of your fence or trees or anything else that can be considered an obstruction. Keep in mind that you might also find significant damage done to your grass and landscaping during this process.

Costs can also add up exponentially during the excavation process. Be prepared in case they come across unexpected issues such as a high water table or the presence of solid bedrock.

Plumbing and Building

Now your pool construction will actually begin. The hole that was dug for the pool will be reinforced, and the shape will be exacted. Then the Gunite (concrete) phase begins, and your pool actually looks like a pool. The concrete will have to set and dry, and your backyard will probably be a mess which is expected during a big construction project like this.

Finishing Touches

After the swimming pool is built, the pool builders will then complete the tile work, electrical, and plastering. Once all this is done, the final cleanup and equipment installation will begin, and then you are done!

The builder will go over how all the equipment works, so it is good to take notes. They will also discuss the chemistry of the pool and the importance of proper and regular maintenance. During the early days and weeks, daily checks will be needed to ensure that everything stabilizes correctly. The pool builders will run through these checks with the homeowner as well. And then finally, your pool is ready to use and enjoy!

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