Pool Designs That Will Blow Your Mind

Pool Designs That Will Blow Your Mind

Pool Designs Sure To Impress You and All

When it comes to luxury pool designs, there are lots of features and construction ideas to choose from. You can add original designs and materials to your pool area that will make space stand out. No Limit Pools is here to help you make the choices that will work best for your yard and pool needs.

If you have limited space or want to stay within a specific budget, you can still incorporate beautiful designs into space. Here are a few mind-blowing pool ideas that will make your next outdoor get-together one to remember.

Creative Pool Entries

If you want to feel like you’re at the beach or near the ocean when you step into your pool, a stunning entry is a way to go. This involves making one side of the pool flatter than the other side to give the appearance of a shore. The water is shallow at the entry and gets deeper as you get into the pool, just like the beach.

Instead of lining the entry with sand, using colorful stones and marble to decorate this section of the pool creates instant visual appeal. You can include small stones or granite at the entry of the pool to look like the shore of your favorite beach. The entryway can also be accented with large rocks or tropical plants to give the area an appearance of a resort. When you have a beautiful beach entry type pool , you’ll feel as though you’re on vacation each time you swim in your pool.

Waterfalls and Fountains

A waterfall is a great way to make your pool appear more luxurious. This feature also gives the pool a resort-style feel and can be made to coordinate with the rest of the outdoor décor.

You can choose from a waterfall made from large rocks if you prefer a natural look. The waterfall can also be made from step-like concrete, marble or durable glass structures for an opulent look. We can also construct the waterfall to showcase a fast or slow stream of water that goes into the main pool area.

Fountains are beautiful additions to in-ground pools as well. The fountain structure can be built on the side of the pool. The spouts can point toward the side or center of the pool. Fountains can also be constructed in the center of the pool as the feature décor item.

Our No Limit Pools construction team will walk you through the process of selecting the right materials for waterfalls or fountains. The structures will withstand water and weather damage and last for years.

Seating Areas

The pool is likely where most of your friends and loved ones will gather.  A comfortable place for you and your relatives to relax and enjoy the weather in between swims is ideal. The right flooring around the pool can give you enough room to include the beach chairs of your choice.

You can also choose to have seating installed into the pool area by adding a tanning ledge or sun shelf to you pool.

Mind Blowing Pool Designs, Get Started

Contact No Limit Pools for a consultation and further information on mind-blowing pool designs and how to get started. We are located in Mesa, AZ and service Maricopa County, the Scottsdale AZ and Phoenix area including Mesa, Chandler and Grand Canyon. We are happy to give you a thorough evaluation of your property and discuss the amazing custom inground swimming pool we can design and build for your backyard. We will ensure you’re completely satisfied with your amazing new pool area.

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