Pool Coping Options – Let’s Help You Decide

Now that you’ve picked out the layout and design for your beautiful new pool, it’s time to explore coping options. Coping is the process of selecting the stone or concrete that is used to cover the pool’s shell wall.

Coping helps to protect the pool and the surrounding property and gives more definition to the pool shape. There are a few pool tile and coping ideas to choose from, and No Limit Pools is here to help you with the process.

Poured Concrete

This is one of most common options. While there are a variety of pool coping stones, poured concrete connecting the coping with the pool deck. The concrete goes just over the pool’s edge. This eliminates any breaks in the overall finish. Poured concrete can make a small area surrounding a pool look significantly bigger. This method also gives the deck cleaner lines. This is ideal if you have a minimalist sense of style and want to make sure the pool architecture speaks for itself.

Natural Stone

Coping made from natural brick or stone gives the pool area warmth and texture. The stone is sturdy and adds a great contrast between the water in the pool and the grass in your lawn. There are several materials that can be used to achieve a natural stone look, including limestone, quarried granite and natural fieldstone. The materials are long-lasting and can withstand water and heavy foot traffic. If you decide to use natural stone, it’s important to specify that you want consistent coping thickness, since this part of the pool will be immediately noticeable.

Precast Concrete

If you choose precast concrete, there are several colors, textures and patterns available. Precast concrete also comes at a lower cost than natural stone or poured concrete. This makes it a great choice if you’re looking for a budget-friendly option that is still visually appealing. Precast concrete is also easier to install. The concrete makes the area around the pool look especially uniform and provides more consistent thickness and color than natural stone.

Bullnose Pool Coping Pavers

Bullnose coping is a great addition to your pool construction project. It’s used commonly as the smooth, finished edge around the pool. Bullnose coping can be used to highlight the entryway or steps in your outdoor living space. Stone is often used for bullnose coping, but bullnose brick pool coping is an attractive option as well. It’s best to get this type of coping done while the pool is being constructed for the first time. However, you can also work with your contractor to get bullnose brick or stone coping if your pool is being remodeled.

Methods For Pool Coping

The most popular type of coping is top mount coping. This is also known as C-channel coping or half-round coping because of the profile shape.  It’s made from aluminum that is coated with powder.

Cantilever edge pool coping is another method that works for pools of various shapes as well. For this method, Styrofoam forms are attached to the pool lip temporarily. A concrete deck is poured, then the foam forms are removed.

If you’re in Phoenix or the surrounding cities and need pool coping services, contact No Limit Pools. No Limit Pool is the premier AZ pool builder in the Phoenix area and also services clients in Chandler, Gold Canyon, Gilbert, and Mesa Arizona. If you contact us and find we do not service your area simply search ‘pool coping near me’ to find a company in your area. At No Limit Pools, we have materials and pool options for a variety of budgets and yard sizes. Our qualified team can help you come up with pool tile ideas that will make your pool look especially decorative and inviting.