How Pools in Arizona Increase Property Values

How Pools in Arizona Increase Property Values

We don’t know if you have heard, but it gets kind of hot in Arizona. Of course, people joked for years about the heat in Arizona being a dry heat. That’s supposed to make it better. However, there is no denying it — hot is just plain hot, whether it is humid or not.

One way that you can beat the heat in Arizona is by building a pool. You may know that having a pool in your yard is one way that you can beat the heat. But did you know that having a pool in Arizona means that you are increasing the value of your house? It’s true, having a pool in your backyard can increase your resale value. How does a pool add value to your home? Let us give you some examples.

Are Pools A Good Investment?

Researchers have said that adding a pool to your house can increase the value of your home. Some people consider a pool to be a must-have when they are looking to buy a house. Other people do not want a pool for their backyards. They might not want to maintain a pool. They might also have very young children and are concerned about their safety.

The biggest factor that determines whether pools are a good investment is the location. We are not talking about the location as an advertisement, which is what businesses do. Instead, we are talking about the area where you live. If you put in a pool in a cold weather state, you do not get a return on your investment. That’s according to researchers. The reason is you can only use it three months out of the year. However, if you live in a state where you can swim longer, you get a return on your investment. This is especially true in states where you can swim for six months of the year or longer. With pool heaters, people living in Arizona can use their pools all year.

How Much Does A Pool Add to Home Value?

If you consider the factors already discussed, having a pool can add thousands to your home’s value. Experts say that a pool retains around 25 percent of the value you put into it year over year. Your pool’s value depends on your home’s value, and how much property you have. A pool could add between $5,000 and $25,000 to your home’s value. That’s not bad considering many people believe swimming pools are not necessary. Also, if most people in your neighborhood have a pool, the entire neighborhood usually has higher property values. Neighborhoods that do not have many pools do not have as high property values.

What Can I Do to Make Sure that My Pool Is A Good Investment?

There are several things you can do to make sure your pool is a great return on your investment. First, make sure that your pool looks great. If you notice missing tiles, cracks in your pool’s surface, or other defects, get them fixed as soon as possible. If your pool is older, consider calling a pool contractor to ask about a pool remodel. Make sure that the area around your pool looks just as good as the pool itself. Make sure your patio, decking, and landscaping add to your pool’s features, rather than take away from it.

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