The Best Way to Light Up Your Pool at Night

The Best Way to Light Up Your Pool at Night

While pool parties during the day are a lot of fun, there’s something about having a pool party at night. You can take advantage of the beautiful Arizona landscape, lit up by the light of the moon.

Other than that glorious summer moon, what are some ways you can light up your pool for nighttime pool parties? We have some ideas.

Lighting in the Pool

There are lots of ways you can choose to light up your pool for nighttime parties. You might want to consider floating pool lights. There are dozens of ideas for floating pool lights. Your floating pool lights can be as simple as a ball light. There are floating pool lights that look like sea creatures, such as jellyfish, and lily pads. You can also look for floating pool lights that incorporate a water feature and a fountain. All help to illuminate the pool and make nighttime swims safe for you and your family.

Inground Pool Lights

Lighting the water in the pool itself is a great idea. However, it doesn’t hurt to also light up the pool further with inground pool lights. We think Hayward Lighting offers some great lighting options for nighttime swimming. We use Hayward Lighting fixtures for our pools. We think they consistently prove to be the best in inground pool lighting products. There are several color options available. You might also want to think about LED pool lights. LED lights offer brilliant nighttime lighting that doesn’t use much energy. Think about the shape of your pool, and the available lighting in your yard. You want to make sure your inground pool lights light up all the sections of your pool effectively.

Lighting Around the Pool Deck

You want to make sure your pool lighting is sufficient for nighttime swimming. However, you also don’t want to neglect your pool deck. Pool decks can be slippery. You need to make sure you illuminate the deck to avoid any sudden slips, falls or scratches. There are all kinds of lighting options available to light your pool deck. There are lighting options to go around your deck with small footlights. You can also place spotlights in your yard or plant beds to help illuminate your deck. There are options you can choose for your house or your trees to light up the deck as well. Whether you like strings of lights, small footlights, or spotlights, there’s a lighting feature to make you happy.

Outdoor Pool Lighting Fixtures

Do you have a gazebo, pool house, guest house or deck around your pool? You need to think about lighting fixtures for those areas as well. That’s because people moving in and out of the pool need to be able to see. How else can they find food, drinks, and towels once they get out? There are many lighting features. Some people enjoy lighting their outdoor buildings with floodlights. You can achieve gazebo lighting with many kinds of lighting, including solar lights. Many people are nervous about having electricity around their pool and prefer to use lighting that doesn’t require electricity. There are so many lighting options to choose from! You might want to take some time to look at all the different types of lighting available. That way, you can make a great choice for your backyard.

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