The Latest Buzz on Custom Swimming Pool Spa Designs

The Latest Buzz on Custom Swimming Pool Spa Designs

If you are looking for a great pool design, there are lots to choose from out there. You can take your pick from different pool forms and designs. But what if you want something different? What if you want a custom swimming pool spa design?

Custom pool designs have been big for the last few years, and there are reasons why they are popular. If you buy a custom-made swimming pool, you get a pool designed for your specific tastes and needs. Let us take a minute to tell you about custom pools and spas.

Why a Custom Pool?

You already know items designed for your taste fit into your life more easily than things not designed for you. For example, the whole reason lap pools exist is to accommodate homeowners who wanted an indoor pool. They wanted an indoor pool, so they could swim laps every day. Pool builders began to build long, narrow pools with jet resistance to accommodate lap swimmers. In addition, many people wanted pool spas. They wanted a pool with an attached spa at one end, so they could relax by the pool and watch their kids. Pool designs change all the time. But if you get a pool that you designed for yourself, you will love it forever.

Trends in Custom Pools

There are several trends in pool designs you may want to think about if you are considering a custom pool.

Tanning Shelf

One of the hottest trends now is to build a tanning shelf at one end of the pool. Tanning shelves allow people to sit in chaise lounges on the shelf as they tan in the water. Usually, the water is 1 foot or less. Young children also like the tanning shelf because it allows them to play with toys in the water. In addition, parents have a bird’s-eye view of what their kids are up to on the tanning shelf.

Dark Finishes

In the past, people chose white or blue for the interior of a pool. Now, however, many people want to try a darker interior. They use darker-colored tiles to make it look more like a swimming hole or underwater lagoon. These darker colors are providing several interesting color options. These options include a dark finish to match the house or the surrounding landscape.

Swim-Up Bars

One of the newest and hottest types of extras is a swim-up bar. First introduced in the 1970s, they were part of the tiki bar tradition. They were novelties or gimmicks. However, the latest trend is to include a swim-up bar next to a sunken outdoor kitchen. That way, friends and family can swim up for a snack or a drink without ever leaving the pool area.

Fire or Water Features

Many people want a unique feature at one end of the pool or in the middle of their pools. Fire pits or fire features can add a bit of the exotic to your pool area. You can design the fire pit to be long and narrow. It is an interesting way to light the pool area at night as well. Many people also love waterfalls in their custom swimming pool spa designs because they look stunning and are soothing.

Are you looking for a pool designer to fulfill your pool fantasies and build a custom made swimming pool perfect for your backyard? If the answer is yes, then contact No Limit Pools & Spas in the Phoenix, Arizona area. We are currently serving Chandler, Mesa, Gilbert, Gold Canyon, and beyond. Give us a call, and let us design a pool you will love, not just today but for years to come.


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