Swimming Pool Designs and Plans

Guide To Swimming Pool Designs and Plans

Do You Need Swimiming Pool Designs and Plans?

You may be sitting in your kitchen right now and, drinking a cup of coffee. You have decided to get an inground pool and pool equipment. However, you are just not sure which one of many inground pool designs you should choose.

There are many swimming pool designs you can choose from to make your backyard an amazing outdoor space.

No Limit Pools & Spas can help you create an amazing swimming pool design you will enjoy for years to come. If you are not sure what you want, here is a guide to a few suggestions for swimming pool ideas and plans for your backyard.

Popular Pool Shapes

In this article we talk about pool shapes. (if you want to learn more about pools, designs, optional features and more. be sure to check out our blog)

There are a variety of pool shapes. Here we discuss those that are trending now.

Please note that swimming pool designs and plans can be limitless when choosing the right pool builder.


Rectangle pools are the most popular. Many people like rectangular pools because they can appear more basic. They are also easier to install, therefore, can be less expensive than other forms of inground swimming pools.

For those people into physical fitness and who want to swim laps, a rectangle pool is the best option.

If you want an automatic pool cover, a rectangular pool shape means that pool covers will be easier to find and less expensive.


Circular pools are a great swimming pool design for small yards. They allow you to put in a beautiful pool design that is aesthetically pleasing as well. Round pools in a small backyard actually make the yard look bigger.

If you are thinking about a round pool, you may want to consider a variety of other decorative elements such as the landscaping around.

Want to do something different? How about two round pool areas instead of one. One pool can be a spa to relax you and the second a plunge pool to cool you off.

Plunge pools have become increasingly popular, and are typically a round shape. If you want to cool off, plunge pools allow you to jump right in. If your yard is a bit longer, you may want to think about an oval shape. Oval pools can give you more room to sunbathe or perhaps do a few short laps.

Figure-Eight Pools

Figure-eight pools are very retro. Picture a cute little 1950’s motel with women laying out in bikinis and sunglasses. Hotel pools back in the day were usually figure-eight pools or kidney-shaped pools.

With figure-eight pools, there is a dividing line between the shallow end and the deep end. Figure-eight pools are amazing when paired with a mid-century modern house. You get a complete back-in-time vibe for your space.

Free-form Pools

Free-form pools are another popular choice. Free-form means there is no set design. Instead, a designer follows the contours of your yard. Many people choose free-form pools as part of a natural-looking retreat or a mountain cabin.

How about creating a cascading waterfall at one end of your free-form pool that will be spectacular. One of the best parts about free-form pools is that they can be as big or as small as you want. No Limit Pools have designed and built custom inground swimming pools for some of the biggest estates in the area, as well as the smallest backyards.

Swimming Pool Designs and Plans, Let Us Help

No matter what kind of pool you want to have in your backyard, we can do it. We specialize in innovative designs and unique structures. If you want revolutionary pool design, contact No Limit Pools. We are Arizona pool builders who are proud to be serving Arizona homeowners.

We serve Maricopa County, Phoenix, Scottsdale and the communities of Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert, Gold Canyon and beyond. We do not limit our coverage, however. let us help you make your dream pool. We can create a look for you that is truly one of a kind. Our entire team has built a reputation for creating amazing swimming pool designs and plans. Get in touch today. Do not wait, see what we can do for you.