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Perhaps you have just moved into a home in the Phoenix area. You see your Spartan-looking backyard, and you notice that it is bare and empty.

Before you can start entertaining, you will need to refurbish your shabby backyard. Need some luxury landscaping? Check out MCD Landscaping & Contracting. Or, perhaps you need a pool and landscape package in Phoenix? We can provide you with unique pools and landscapes in the Phoenix area. You can click here to get landscaping services.

Landscaping in Phoenix

The climate in Arizona is unlike most other climates in the United States. You might live at a higher elevation, or you may live in the valley. The higher in elevation you go, the more we have to account for differences in temperature. In the Phoenix area, the climate is mostly arid like the desert. This area is famous for temperature extremes and low precipitation. In one day, Phoenix can experience huge swings in temperature. It can go from the lowest evening temperatures to the highest daily temperatures in the summer.

Another aspect of Phoenix is the wind. During the fall and winter, gusty winds make it difficult to use many plants for landscaping. Landscapers will also point out that the Phoenix area has five seasons, including a monsoon season in July and August. This season brings heavy thunderstorms and gusty winds. Often, the only rain the area gets during the entire year is during the monsoon season. Visit to broaden up your ideas and also to acquaint the best services in the town.

Phoenix Landscaping and Pools

We are the perfect business to talk to about landscaping and pool design, as we can combine both. First, we will come and talk to you about what you are looking for in luxury design. We would want to match the landscape and the pool to the design of your house. We have two favorite pool designs for luxury pools. First, we love the infinity pool design for houses. Infinity pools are perfect for the vast expanse of the landscape we have here in Arizona. That’s because an infinity pool has a disappearing edge that allows it to mesh with the landscape. It is a beautiful pool design.

Free-form Pools

We love free-form pools as well. With a free-form pool, we can make the pool as luxurious as you would like. We can make it look like natural stones resting by a mountain stream. We can also make a contemporary free-form pool. Free-form pools allow you to be as luxurious as you want. You could incorporate modern art with the beauty of the natural landscape. Add the free-flowing nature of the pool, and you have a spectacular site.

Infinity Pools

With an infinity pool, the focus is on the landscape and the disappearing edge of the pool. We would want to talk about using plants that mimic those found in the landscape. Infinity pools allow us to choose anything from the greenest of grass to some amazing cactus flowers and succulents. We can transform your backyard into something you will want to spend time in.

You also might want to think about creating an entire backyard living space if you want a truly luxurious backyard. We can create fire and water features, fire pits, outdoor kitchens, and outdoor seating areas. Luxury backyards could include an elaborate dining area with a pergola and an adjoining seating area. You might also want to include a tanning shelf with another area for hot tub users with chaise lounges. There is no end to what we can create for your backyard.

If you want to find an amazing design for your landscaping and pool, give us a call. Contact No Limit Pools & Spas in Arizona.

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