7 Modern Desert Pool Landscape Ideas Arizona

At No Limit Pools & Spas, we love coming up with creative ideas for pool landscaping especially modern desert pool landscape ideas in Arizona

We adore seeing the look on our customers’ faces when their dream vision becomes a reality even more. One of the hottest pool trends right now is modern desert landscaping. Read on to discover our top seven modern desert pool landscape ideas Arizona.

Top Seven Modern Desert Pool Landscape Ideas Arizona

1. Cascading Water Feature

Install a waterfall style feature for the ultimate relief from the sweltering summer heat. You and the family can frolic under your desert mirage waterfall — plus, it’s a visually stunning natural feature. Water blades combine well with mood lighting to create an awe-inspiring nighttime oasis.

2. Plant Succulents

If you read here, a trusted professional landscaping company suggested that plants exellent additions to your desert pool landscaping in Arizona sunshine. They don’t require much water at all, so they’re drought-resistant, and they provide the perfect desert aesthetic. You can choose to make the area surrounding the pool as densely or sparsely populated as you like. Both looks are in keeping with the Arizona desert theme.

3. Elegant Stone Ornaments

Emulate the pool of a desert palace by selecting elegant stone ornaments to place around the pool with the help of a pool builder nearby. Think beautiful sandstone planters surrounded by pretty terracotta slate chips. Alternatively, you can opt for furniture that’s designed to look natural — such as chairs carved from huge pieces of rock. Stone pillars and pergolas complement these features, too.

4. White Sand and Monochrome Fixtures

For genuinely modern desert landscaping, opt for crystal white sand and monochrome furniture and features. Clean, straight lines and blocks of monochrome look effortlessly neat and draw attention to your pool. This is magnified even further if you opt for a lagoon-dark blue finish for your pool.

5. Terracotta Gravel and Furniture With Lush Greens

Alternatively, you could keep it classic and opt for terracotta gravel and ornaments with succulent plants. Create a desert oasis by including lots of climbing plants and covering the area surrounding the pool with plants. Alternatively, you could design a more realistic desert scene with frugally-placed succulents among traditional white sand. With minimal plants, the pool itself stands out majestically, so this look works particularly well with an infinity pool.

6. Partially Hide the Pool

You can include lots of plants and flowers in your desert pool landscaping. Why not nestle the pool in a corner and surround half of it with vegetation? This gives the illusion of a hidden oasis and can make the body of water look as if it’s naturally occurring. Nature lovers are sure to feel soothed by having such an extraordinary scene in their own yard.

7. Use Lighting for Desert Pool Ambiance

The final touch for your modern desert pool landscape is the lighting you choose to illuminate your personal haven at night. Add lights inside the pool, along the edges, and in the surrounding area for the most incredible evening ambiance, you’ve ever seen.

Desert Pool Landscaping for Arizonans

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