5 Tropical Backyard Ideas for an Arizona Poolside Paradise

Tropical Backyard Ideas for an Arizona Poolside Paradise

Tropical Backyard Ideas

Arizona experienced a record-setting summer this year in 2020 with an average temperature in July of 98.9 and 99.1 in August. If you’re looking for some relief from the heat, there’s no better way than relaxing in your personal backyard tropical paradise.

This guide will give you the best tropical backyard ideas to help you get inspired to create your own backyard oasis.

Custom Rocks

Tropical Backyard Ideas for an Arizona Poolside Paradise

For one, start with a natural free-form shape pool. Then continue with custom rocks of various sizes and shapes. You can surround your pool and spa with them and or create a unique rock waterfall.  Spruce it up with tropical color lighting to give the feel of being at a luxurious tropical resort at night.

Plant Layers of Green

When you think of a tropical oasis, you imagine lush green plants bursting from every corner. When it comes to creating your own tropical style backyard, start by planting several green plants. The trick to making this a success is to plant the right kind of plants that will thrive in the Arizona climate.

Traditional tropical plants thrive in humid climates, so stick with plants that thrive in Arizona’s arid heat. Start by creating height with palms and trees. Then create a medium height with shrubs.

Finish the layering effect with low to the ground plants such as cacti and succulents. You could even plant aloe for a natural at-home treatment for your skin when you spend a bit too much time in the sun. You’ve now created a layered green effect that will thrive in your backyard.

Add a Water Feature

Simulate the humid and tropical climate with a water feature. You could install a pool that you can cool off in on hot summer days. As a part of your pool, create a waterfall or fountain feature.

Then you can have the natural soundtrack of water whenever you’re outside. This creates a tropical atmosphere by drowning out the sounds of the city or neighborhood.

Build Shady Seating Areas

Tropical Backyard Ideas for an Arizona Poolside Paradise

The summer sun can get brutal, so you need a shady place to relax in your tropical backyard in Arizona. You can do this by building an outdoor living room off of the back of your house.

You can look for ways to make it look more tropical by crafting a space that looks like natural rock formations. Build out space with plenty of seating for a lounge area, a dining area, or a bar setup. What you build will depend on how you want to use your backyard space.

Encourage Wildlife

A hallmark of tropical places is the vibrant wildlife that calls it home. While you may not want to attract certain Arizona wildlife, there are some creatures that you may welcome. Try to incorporate some plant life with flowers that will attract butterflies or birds.

Then you can relax in the shade with a cool drink by your tropical backyard pool while you enjoy the wildlife.

Try These Tropical Backyard Ideas

If your backyard is looking bland and boring, then it’s time to try some of these tropical backyard ideas. Layer plants that will attract beautiful butterflies and hummingbirds, add a pool, and create a shady place to sit. You’ll have a perfect tropical oasis that you can enjoy with friends and family.

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