Style Meets Function: Guide to Best Pool & Patio Covers Phoenix AZ

Style Meets Function: Guide to Best Pool & Patio Covers Phoenix AZ

A Guide to the Best Pool and Patio Covers Phoenix AZ

It’s a beautiful summer day in Arizona and you’re relaxing on your private patio. But only 20 minutes have gone by and you’re already getting burnt!

The sun is no joke in Arizona and the heat that goes along with it can catch you off guard. In Phoenix Arizona, the average summer temperature is around 105° F!

One way to beat the heat and still enjoy your outdoor area is to invest in a patio cover to help shade you from the harmful UV rays. Keep reading to learn our favorite kinds of patio covers phoenix AZ homeowners should consider.

How Much Does a Patio Cover Cost?

There’s a ton of factors that play into the final price of your patio cover. What kind of material are you using? How big is your patio?

Surveys found that the average price for a patio cover in the United States is $8,255 and $24,416. If you choose to go DIY style, you can knock off a good chunk of that price as well!

Top Patio Covers Phoenix AZ Residents Should Know about

Style Meets Function: Guide to Best Pool & Patio Covers Phoenix AZ

Whether you need a patio cover to give you the most shade possible or if you’re looking for something to compliment your custom landscaping, there’s a patio cover style out there for everyone. Here are a few of our favorite styles to choose from when you need to beat the Arizona heat.

Pavilion Style

This classic style includes simple pillars and a roof over your porch area. You can even match the roof style on the pavilion to your house’s roof style to make everything look cohesive. They are stand-alone structures providing both shelter and shade. Typically pavillions become the epicenter for outdoor entertaining. It is perfect over an outdoor kitchen and living spaces with sofas and more.

Perfect Pergola

If you like the pavilion-style, but you don’t want to block all the sun from reaching your porch, consider trying a pergola-style patio cover since they rarely have a solid roof. If you want to increase your pergola’s privacy, add some stylish curtains to the perimeter that you can draw closed when you want to hide from prying eyes. Pergolas are easy to decorate with climbing plants and flowers. They are free-standing and held up with posts and columns.

Sleek Skylight

Those who live in glass houses, shouldn’t throw stones. But, no one said anything about a glass-enclosed patio with skylights! Hmmm.. sounds interesting, doesn’t it?

Galvanized Steel

If you love the shabby chic style and country farmhouse flair, then look no further than a galvanized steel patio cover. You can add retractable awnings, motorized louvered panels, and more. As a bonus, the sounds of the rain hitting the steel panels makes for a truly natural experience!

Let Us Help You Keep Your Cool

If you have a patio in desperate need of a cover, then you know how important the right amount of shade is when you’re enjoying your outdoor areas. Arizona comes with scorching heat and little to no humidity, so make sure you set up a little personal oasis in the desert.

Each of these patio cover ideas has its benefits and drawbacks. Look for a design that suits your needs as much as it does your style.

We hope you enjoyed reading this article and that you learned a few things about the top patio covers phoenix AZ homeowners should know about.

If you have any questions about this article or would like more information regarding pool design for new custom pools or remodeling, landscaping, and outdoor kitchens, in the Phoenix, AZ area, contact us today!



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