How to Lower Pool Water Temperature

How to Lower Pool Water Temperature

How to Lower Pool Water Temperature for Arizona Homeowners

There’s nothing more refreshing than escaping the Arizona summer heat with a dip in a nice, cool pool. So what can you do when your pool temperature reaches 90° or even higher?

Your pool water temperature is vital in the hot summer months. Let’s unpack some expert-proven tips that are guaranteed to improve your summer while you flee the desert heat waves.

How To Lower Pool Water Temperature

Can I Use Ice?

Technically? The answer is yes.

That being said, it would take over 2,000 pounds of ice to cool a small pool even a couple of degrees, and it would only last for a couple of days. We don’t ever recommend ice because the 36 hours that your pool stays cold isn’t worth how much you’re shelling out for it.


A common solution that pool owners turn to is often water fountains. Their constant circulation and air exposure allow the water to evaporate quicker, which in turn makes the pool several degrees cooler than it would be otherwise. This process is called aeration, and while it works 24/7, it’s most effective at nighttime.

While many install a fountain when their pool is first built, it’s never too late to get the job done. It’s growing more and more popular to buy aftermarket fountains or getting a remodel to allow for bigger and more effective units.

Evaporative Coolers

Another option when looking at how to cool a pool down in the summer is an evaporative cooler. These basically fast-forward the evaporation process, ultimately bringing the pool temperature down by as much as ten degrees! They’re also attractive because they have a very low start-up fee.

However, a major downside is in the long-term potential costs. These coolers go through significantly more water than other options and have a greater chance to cause lasting damage to your pool system.

Heat/Cool Pumps

At the end of the day, the best option when asking how to lower pool water temperature is a heating pump with a cooling option. In the same way that these pumps pull water out and heat them, they can also run them through a coolant, cooling your pool quickly and precisely.

One of the best parts of these systems is in how customizable they are. With options to heat and cool, you can get an exact temperature regardless of the season.

The only reservation clients can have with this low water temperature option is usually the start-up cost. While slightly more expensive than some other options, these are the most effective cooling option in the market and are guaranteed to last for years on end.

They also pay themselves off in the long run! Their low operating cost and the improbability of internal damage mean that this option is well worth the investment.

Take Control of Your Pool Water Temperature Today!

We hope this guide to lowering your pool water temperature has been helpful in your search. Whether you’re considering a pool to make the summer months bearable, or you’re looking for a remodel, our expert services are ready to lend a hand.

Contact us here to set up a consultation for your next backyard project, and don’t be afraid to check out the rest of our blog.


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