Cocktail Pool: We Get Creative!

Guide to a Cocktail Pool and How To Get Creative

Have you ever heard of a cocktail pool?

If not, no worries. You aren’t alone.

These pint-sized pools barely take up more space than a spa, making them ideal for small spaces. And, with some careful planning, they can be just as glamorous and Insta-worthy as their full-sized counterparts.

Are you intrigued?

Good. You’re already in the right place.

Read on to learn all about the luxurious and space-saving trend that’s taking the world of pool design by storm. By the end of this article, you’ll have all the inspiration you need to get started building one!

What Is a Cocktail Pool?

Simply put, a cocktail pool is a traditional pool scaled down to suit a smaller space. In most cases, they’re slightly larger than a hot tub or a kid’s pool. And, they are typically deep enough for submerging your whole body but not suitable for jumping or diving.

This trendy backyard addition is ideal for cooling off on a hot day or holding small intimate outdoor gatherings. And, with the right modifications, cocktail pools can even be used to swim for exercise – but more on that later!

Believe it or not, cocktail pools aren’t a brand-new concept. They’ve been around for a while, in fact, but were referred to as ‘spools or ‘plunge pools’.

In the past, these luxurious little pools were typically only found in 5-star resorts and spas, but today’s modern pool builders are bringing the idea home.

Adding Bars and In-water Seating

If you love entertaining or plan to use your pool as a place to sit around and refresh yourself, adding some in-water seating is a must. But, you might not have enough space to add a full-sized swim up bar.

Instead, opt for a few submerged stools or a small bench. You can also consider building a tanning ledge, also known as a Baja shelf. This is the perfect place to add pool furniture as noted here.

If you absolutely can’t squeeze any seating into your cocktail pool, adding a small built-in seating area just next to it might be a good compromise. Travertine and stone benches and seating are easy to adapt to a small space and won’t feel as clunky as a deck loaded with tables and chairs.

Make It Modern

If you thought that modern and contemporary design was just for your home’s interior, think again.

Today’s pools use the same concepts to create sleek, updated spaces outdoors. For a cocktail pool, this look is even easier to pull off, as it naturally pairs perfectly with small spaces.

Start with a monochromatic color scheme and accents in frosted glass, black granite, stainless steel, and other modern materials. Be sure to use straight lines rather than curved edges. And, don’t forget that less is always more when it comes to this aesthetic.

You can also make a cocktail pool look more modern by adding bold and daring pops of color. Neon shades rather than classic white for pool lights, eye-popping tile shades like blood red, and dramatic water or fire features all work well.

Use Your Cocktail Pool To Swim Laps

With the right technology, your cocktail pool can double as the perfect place to get some exercise.

Rather than building a full-sized lane, your pool builder will use a series of jets built into your cocktail pool’s wall. This creates a current strong enough to swim against, allowing you to exercise in place.

Think of this as the underwater equivalent of a treadmill!

Lap swimming is excellent for your health, offering a full-body workout without all the joint impact of above-water exercise. And, if you’re not up to swimming laps, these jets can also be used for walking in place underwater, a low-impact aerobic exercise that anybody can do!

Customize Your Urban Backyard Oasis

Just like indoor decorating, the key to making a small space pop is knowing how to help it seem larger.

Using light colors both above and below the waterline, building an infinity ledge with a spillover, and opting for curved edges over a square or rectangle can all make a tiny cocktail pool look bigger. And, utilizing the right materials can help the space feel more luxurious, too.

Think natural stone, tilework in fine materials like granite and slate, and dramatic lighting to help it all pop. Jets and bubblers are also excellent options where larger water features like waterfalls and grottos just won’t fit.

If your yard gets all-day sun, you should consider adding a shade structure or pergola to help beat the heat. This is the perfect place to add a vining plant or strings of lights, as well.

Check out this design gallery for tons of inspiration!


Cocktail Pool: We Get Creative!

Bring Nature Home With Lush Landscaping

No backyard pool build is complete without a touch of nature to round out the look. And, even the smallest of spaces can accommodate plenty of plants so long as you choose them wisely.

For a combination of shade and space-saving, consider adding a few tall, swaying palms. Traditionalists can instead opt for raised planters with classic backyard foliage and eye-popping seasonal blooms.

To complete an ultra-modern cocktail pool aesthetic, build a small garden of exotic cactus and succulents with gravel. This is also an excellent strategy for homeowners who want to save water.

Completing your pool landscaping at the same time as your construction is a great way to make sure everything looks good together. And, it will likely be far more challenging to add larger planters and trees once your pool is already in use.

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