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PREMIER AZ Pool Builders

Seamless Pool Builds

A pool in your Arizona home’s backyard is a must, considering how hot and dry the climate can be throughout the year. A working pool in your backyard provides you and your family many benefits. You can jump into the pool after a long day of work and stress.

The pool is also a great way to have family and friends come over to hang out. Do you have a pool at your home? If not, what are you waiting for? Our AZ pool builders will transform your backyard with a custom swimming pool and enhance your lifestyle!

Constructing Your New Swimming Pool

When constructing a new pool for your home, our AZ pool builders will review a few things. The first thing deals with the type of material used for the pool. A few different types of material can be used to create the shape of your pool: concrete, vinyl, and fiberglass. While vinyl is the cheapest option, having a concrete shell for your pool will provide you with the most options.

Therefore, spending the extra dollars on an option that provides you with more flexibility might be worth it. There are also many shapes your pool can come in, including a rectangle, oval, figure-eight, and an L-shape. Your swimming pool builder will understand what is possible and what isn’t.

What Will Your Pool Be Used For?

The next thing our AZ pool builders will ask you will be the reason for installing your pool. Every home is different. One home may use the pool for young children. With this in mind, a small, round, and shallow pool may be the best option since it allows parents to reach their children in case of an emergency easily.

On the other hand, if you’re using the pool for exercise and therapeutic purposes, a large and deep swimming pool would probably be the best option, allowing you enough space to workout without being disrupted.

Any Water Features?

After the groundwork has been laid out, our AZ pool builders will ask you about an addition to the pool. Adding water features can help make your pool stand out from the rest. An in-ground spa can provide you and your family with a separate relaxation and comfort area. Several design options exist to incorporate a spa into your pool setup.

On the other hand, a waterfall can add a natural feel to your backyard and provide the lovely, calming sounds of water moving about in the yard. These waterfalls are always a sight to see and will keep people returning to your home to hang out.

AZ Pool Builders

Outdoor Kitchens

Lastly, our AZ pool builders will ask you about any outdoor kitchen features you may desire. The ability to cook outside year-round is entirely possible in a state like Arizona. You can make your backyard area an even more welcoming sight for guests by allowing them to cook and eat food right beside the pool area.

An outdoor kitchen provides an easy and enjoyable cooking experience and increases the resale value of your home! On top of that, it allows you to extend your home’s lounge and entertainment areas, providing guests and family with more options to relax and strike up conversations.

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