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Pool Builders GilbertAt over 4 million people, the Phoenix, Arizona area is far livelier than you would expect from a city in the middle of the desert. The city’s population has been exploding ever since the 1940s, and what was once a modest town is now a major American city that stretches from Goodyear to Gilbert. In particular, the number of Gilbert residents is 40 times what it used to be just in 1980.

Still, no matter how many people move to Phoenix, there’s one fact you can’t escape: it’s still in the middle of the desert. Some people prefer a desert’s dusty heat to the freezing cold of the northern states or the humidity of the American Southeast, but even if you love the weather, it’s hard to fully enjoy it when it’s so easy to dehydrate and suffer heat stroke.

That’s why many people choose to add a pool to their backyard. And if you count yourself among them, then you should contact No Limit Pools and Spas, the best pool builders in Gilbert, Mesa, and the rest of the eastern Valley of the Sun.

Your Own Private Oasis

Nothing says relief like an oasis, especially if you live in the desert. Between that and the winter temperatures that don’t often dip below freezing, Valley residents can get plenty of use out of a backyard pool.

If you’re planning on adding or modifying a pool on your property, then you should consult with one of the expert pool builders of Gilbert and Mesa. At No Limit Pools, we live up to our name by designing custom pools, spas, and other backyard features that meet or beat all our clients’ expectations.

For instance, if you like the idea of turning your backyard into an actual oasis, we can create a pool with a natural, irregular shape and a shallow end with a steady slope that feels like an actual beach. If you don’t have much real estate to work with, we can design an undersized pool with swimming so you can still exercise. We can create a pool that’s shallow from one end to the other, making things much safer for kids and providing plenty of room for adults to relax and play.

A Complete Backyard Package

You can get a lot more than just a pool when you call the pool builders of Gilbert, because No Limit Pools can help you redesign your backyard whether you’re planning on a new pool or not.

With our help and expertise, you can bring some of the beauty of the desert right onto your property with native plants and cacti, along with artistically placed rock formations. You can also create a place to relax and have fun outdoors with a new deck or a covered patio. At No Limit Pools, we believe that beauty is always key, and you should be able to enjoy your backyard even when you’re simply looking out through a back window.

Technology That Makes Pool Care Easy

Thanks to modern pool technology, keeping your backyard oasis clean and chemically balanced has never been easier. Whether you’re installing a new pool or remodeling an older one, you’ll want to see the options on offer by the modern pool builders of Gilbert and Gold Canyon.

In the first place, you’ll want a pool cover that retracts automatically. A good pool cover can cut down significantly on evaporation, and if it’s insulated you can keep the water warm for a midnight dip. A robotic pool cleaner can skim the surface and scrub the sides, and an automated chemical system can keep track of the pool chemicals and add exactly the amount it needs at exactly the right time. You might also want to go with a salt water chlorination system, which is much easier on your skin but requires an expert to install it correctly.

So if you want to add a pool to your backyard, if you want to remodel or renovate a pool that’s already there, or if you simply want to turn your property into a desert garden, then you should contact No Limit Pools and Spas, the pool builders of Gilbert, Mesa, Gold Canyon, Chandler, and Queen Creek. Our in-person consultations provide our clients with the personalized attention you deserve and the custom designs you demand.

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