Pool Remodeling Arizona
Open bodies of water aren’t easy to find in a state like Arizona. That’s a big part of why swimming pools are particularly popular in the Phoenix area: the other part would be the dry heat that bakes the city throughout most of the year. However, like the homes in front of them, backyard pools can age, developing cracks in the cement foundation and rough scales on the plaster surface. The pool also shows its age with outdated technology, but you can fix all this when you call No Limit and ask about pool remodeling in Arizona.

Create A Pool That Fits Your Lifestyle

We call ourselves No Limit Pools because we want our customers to know they have endless options. While we can’t change the shape of your backyard or the location of the cables and pipes buried beneath it, we can work with these limitations to create the perfect pool design when you bring us in for a pool building or pool remodeling in Arizona.

While we can always handle the basic backyard pool shapes like ovals and rectangles with a shallow end and a deep end, you can also use our services to customize a pool with a unique shape and size. You might want a long pool you can swim laps in, or you might want to add powerful jets to one wall so you can swim in place. You could create a pool that’s shallow throughout and safer for kids to be around, plus you could create a beach-like ramp for entering the water instead of using stairs or ladders.

Remodel Your Pool, Rebuild Your Yard

Pool construction or a pool remodeling in Arizona or in any state can cause a lot of damage to a yard. With so many heavy machines moving around wet cement and piles of dirt, there’s really no way around this fact. However, while some homeowners might treat this as an inconvenience, others see it as an opportunity.

Along with pool installation, we at No Limit also offer landscaping and backyard design, and we can perform these services whether you have a pool or not. A pool needs a patio on all sides, but you can also use that space to improve the look of your yard by using poured concrete stones instead of basic concrete blocks. You can make your backyard ready for parties by adding a space for an outdoor kitchen complete with tables and chairs, and you can make it easier to maintain by sticking with plants both succulent and otherwise, that thrive in the desert heat.

Enjoy Modern Pool Technology

Even if your pool is in perfect condition, there are reasons to go in for a pool remodeling in Arizona. For one thing, modern automation technology makes pool ownership and maintenance a lot faster and easier than it used to be. Robotic cleaners can skim the surface for debris, and cleaning systems can use suction on the walls to dislodge and suck up all the algae before it has a chance to turn your water green.

Pool heaters make another great addition to Arizona pools. The days may be hot, but the nights are cold, and so a night might be too cold for safe swimming. Pool heaters make up for this by keeping the water warm enough for swimming, relaxing, or whatever else you want, and we can install one of several types of heating systems.

For instance, natural gas and electric power are the most effective systems, but they cost the most to operate and maintain. You could also get a pool heating system that uses solar panels to collect heat from the sun, or you could use a special device that pulls in ambient heat for low cost and low maintenance. It’s not very effective when the temperature is nearly freezing, but thanks to Phoenix’s constant sun and near-freezing nights, both systems work well in central Arizona.

For pool building and pool remodeling in Arizona and the Phoenix area in particular, look no further than No Limit Pools and Spas. We’re experts in the swimming pool and landscaping design, so you can count on us to deliver a pool and a backyard that meets all your expectations and looks great at the same time.

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