Swimming Pool Design

If there’s one part of the USA where swimming pools make a lot of sense, it’s right here in Arizona, between the sweltering heat, and lack of humidity due to the natural desert terrain, it doesn’t matter whether you live in Phoenix, or out in Black Canyon City, this is a state where it gets hot and dry. And one of the best things that a person or family can do in such times is get refreshed with a dip in a swimming pool. 

It’s the dream of many people in Arizona to not just own a home, but have a refuge in the backyard where the worries of the day can float away in the cool waters of a personal swimming pool. But fortunately, the dream of owning your own pool is not some far away goal, only open to the wealthiest people in the country. You can own a pool of your own, and it can even benefit from personalized swimming pool design to make it a fixture in your home that’s truly useful for your needs. But how? That’s where we come in.

Living Up To Our Name

We chose the name No Limit Pools for a reason, and that’s because we firmly believe that the only things that should stand between you and having the pool of your dreams are the budget you’ve allowed, and your own imagination. No Limit Pools is one of Arizona’s preeminent businesses in swimming pool design because of the commitment, professionalism and ethics of Marc Ballard, owner and operator of this successful family business.

For years, Marc has been closely and personally working customers. This is about more than a job to Marc and the people he works with. He understands that swimming pool design is a way for people to achieve lifelong dreams, add to the quality of life at home, and even add value to a property by turning ordinary yards into personal retreats. Through the years, No Limit Pools has been achieving this in a targeted, focused way.

Making It Personal

No Limit Pools is all about personal service. We know that every homeowner is different, and so is every property. There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to making someone’s at-home dreams for a luxury pool experience come true. So we make sure that good swimming pool design starts intimate and personal with face-to-face consultations. No one can tell you what works best for your home without consulting your home’s resident expert; you. And no one can understand how to bring out the best in your home without seeing what’s on the property first and understanding what strengths and obstacles lie in wait.


Of course, the most important part of the process is the swimming pool design itself. This is where we balance the budget that’s outlined, with what’s available on the property. There are no cut corners here, the dream that you have in your head for a quick dive, some healthy laps, or even a fun night at home, with a BBQ, friends, and water activities all come into play at this critical stage. We work hard to understand what you want, show you what’s possible within the budget and physical characteristics of the property, and focus on getting as close to that intended vision as possible.

The Landscape

Swimming pool design may be focused primarily on the pool that will be used, but what about the surroundings? The landscape of the yard can play a pretty big role not just in complementing the look of your pool, but even raising the overall value of your property. A basic backyard with some grass or a garden doesn’t do much for a home’s value. However, a fully redesigned landscape, with new water features, and extra fixtures such as a fixed BBQ grill and other amenities transforms the backyard into an important, frequently used addition of the home.

For people that want to take things a step further, we take stock of the exact layout and potential in your property, then show you all the options within your physical and budgetary boundaries that can bring out the best in your land. Whether you want more of a garden retreat feel, or something that transports you to a luxury hotel setting, we can make it happen.


Of course, part of good swimming pool design is making sure that what has been conceived is physically and financially feasible. Our expertise and team of industry contacts ensures that once you’re committed to a vision and a budget, that reality occurs well within your physical and financial expectations. And if you’re looking for some repairs, improvements or complete remodeling later in the future, this is something that we’d be both happy and highly qualified to help you with as well. No Limits lives up to its name service and results.