Scottsdale AZ Small Backyard Pool Landscaping Ideas

Scottsdale, AZ Small Backyard Pool Landscaping Ideas

There is no doubt Arizona’s summer heat can be intense. This year is no exception. Dangerously hot conditions usually lead to excessive heat warnings.

When these occur, you’ll probably choose to spend a lot of time in your pool. But did you know your pool landscaping can help keep you even cooler? This added touch is even possible if you don’t have a lot of space for which you can also hire one of the best landscaping companies in Minnetonka to help you with the design.

If you’re wondering, How do I landscape my small backyard? Read on for answers to this and more, including What should I landscape around my pool?

So let us get started with some Scottsdale, AZ small backyard landscaping ideas, but first, “what is pool landscaping?” You can learn about it at these sites

What is Pool Landscaping?

Pool landscaping is the design or layout of the area around your pool. It encompasses several elements including:


Some of these Scottsdale AZ small backyard pool landscaping ideas can increase the functionality of your pool while keeping the area cooler. They also enhance your backyard and can increase the value of your home. The key lies in incorporating the right elements suited to a smaller pool and backyard area.

How Do I Landscape My Small Backyard?

When starting your pool landscaping project, there are many factors to consider. Pool landscaping ideally should complement swimming pool designs.

It should include backyard pool features that work well in the space. But before deciding on any of these, determine your pool landscaping budget. Once you do, here are some ideas you can consider:

A Decorative Wall

A decorative wall provides a level of privacy as well as shade. It can also help keep kids safe. Simply choose a material that complements the architectural design of your home.

This could also include a “wall” of bushes or tall hedges. It’s a perfect solution if you love greenery and want a more natural look.

A Gazebo or Pergola

Either is great when creating a dedicated shaded area. Added touches such as mosquito netting or drapes can make it extremely functional and cozy.

When the backyard space for pools is quite small, an umbrella can be a great substitute. Any of these options can also provide a place to entertain your guests.

A Water Feature

Who says you can’t have a water feature with a small pool? It’s a great way to keep cool when temperatures start rising.

Consider a fountain, waterfall, spray, or something even more creative. An experienced pool company can seamlessly incorporate any of these elements for you.


Lighting can make a small backyard look amazing. But it takes the right skill to get it done right. Clever ideas can dramatically transform a dull space into an incredible one. You can spotlight focal points with upward to downward lighting on trees, shrubs, garden statues and more for which you can hire top services like Lighting under the top ledge of retaining walls will undoubtedly offer a beautiful effect.

And as for the small pool in your small Scottsdale, AZ backyard, you can rest assured that this will amaze you by choosing the right company.

Scottsdale AZ Small Backyard Pool Landscaping Ideas, pergola, lighting ideas

Plants and Shrubs

Check out this article on the best shrubs to put around your Arizona backyard pool and unique plants for pool waterfalls.

How Do You Landscape Around a Pool?

Now you no longer have to wonder, How do I landscape my small backyard? You should also now know that pool landscaping is possible, even for smaller areas.

But when starting your pool landscaping budget you must keep the design of your pool in mind. Incorporate features that complement this. These should also blend well with the design of your home.

An experienced pool company can do this. They’ll use these elements to transform your backyard into a private sanctuary.

Do The Extraordinary with an Extraordinary Scottsdale AZ Small Backyard Pool Landscaping Company

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